Animaker Review: Easy Online Animation Video Tool & More

Globally, there is an increased demand for quality visual effects and animations. According to the Global Animation & VFX Industry Report 2020-2025, there is a global increase in Animation Content usage.

In the year 2019, the global Animation value has tremendously increased by 8% annually.

Even though animated videos are impressive, Freelancers, Solopreneurs, Marketing Agencies, and other video makers face several challenges in creating animated videos.

In particular, animation videos require high performing computers to generate and render. Secondly, the creation of animations needs proper software.

But no more…

animaker review

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FlexClip Review #1 FreePremium Online Video Maker

There is a growing demand for video content in the world today. 54% of internet users look for product and service videos before purchase. Since most consumers use video content to search for a brand on social media, they expect more and new product videos. This, in turn, has led to an increased demand for video content. Most consumers prefer checking these videos on their own.

As a marketer and entrepreneur, you can take this advantage and harness video power for your brand. 87% of professionals in the marketing departments and most of the largest world-class businesses use videos for marketing their products with YouTube and Facebook as the largest video sharing platform.

Even though video content is a significant boost to businesses, several problems come with video content creation. As a content creator, you should choose a platform or software that will solve most of your business problems. Some of the common issues that I have noticed include:

  • Producing high-quality video content
  • Generating video contents regularly
  • Producing video content for all social media platforms and in suitable formats.

But don’t worry, I know a video content creation and editing tool that can solve all these problems. That Tool’s name is FlexClip.

flexclip review

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