These Top 9 Sales Funnel Builder Software will Boost Your ROI in 2021

Thanks for being here. I am assuring you that your search will end here as you looking for a good sales funnel builder. I have several names on my list.

However, if you are running out of time and want me to cut short, then my choice would be Thrive Themes and CloudFunnels.

The reason why I liked the above two software because both have some of the amazing features that a sales funnel builder requires in combination with the marketing automation tools at decent plans.

9 best sales funnel builder software in 2020

Being in the digital marketing genre for over a decade now, I would share some of the best sales funnel builders that I have used for me and for my clients.

There is no secret that the market has overwhelming options for marketing tools and which again becomes a reason to get confused.

As mentioned confusing, it was for me too and hence I won’t step back to say that I have used many. Just like you, I was perplexed, but since I fathom the problem, I will be sharing the best 9 software that I found has everything that a marketer requires for conversion rate optimization.

Yes, even in this pandemic, you can still make your presence digitally using these sales funnel builder.

Now let’s take a short tour to a crucial statistics.

In a study made by Google back in 2015, it clearly showcased that almost 89% of the B2B researches make use of the Internet and 81% of the B2C shopper also used the Internet for the research work.

In a Survey made by Salesforce tells that 79% of the leads did not convert into sales and the problem was with not making use of the sales funnel.

No matter how much effort you put into marketing, the result offered by the sales funnel can offer outbreaking results.

So! What is a sales funnel?

Before diving into the top funnel creation software available in the market, we will initially have a look at what it is!

For a digital marketer or affiliate marketer who has been working on the platform for a long length of time, they are well aware of the fact that leads can be available at several stages of the buying process.

Perhaps, if your service or product is complex, the process of lead conversion is a time-consuming process.

When the right process is followed, setting the sales funnel has a lot of impact on streamlining the overall procedure along with offering improved buyer experience.

This eventually guides them to finding what they are in searching for and which again makes the purchase faster than usual. Even the chances are much higher that they become loyal customers.

The sales funnel has several steps that comprise several marketing platforms like landing pages, social media campaigns, and email. With the best sales funnel software, you can get a proper look at the marketing efforts much easier.

This makes it pretty clear about the need for having sales funnel software.

Get Some Idea from these Sales Funnel Templates

bridge page funnels build with sales funnel builder
reverse squeeze page funnel map
survey funnel
lead magnet funnel
summit funnel

So when do you need sales funnel the most?

To be very true, sales funnel can be beneficial for all who is willing to make their name in the business world.

However, if you have just stepped into the online and starting market for your business, the sales funnel software can be a lot beneficial. It will save thousands of upfront cost whereas offer the same results.

You can leave the need for hiring web developers or registering with thousands of tools. However, since you need to check whether the software offers what exactly you want, you need to make in-depth checks.

For example, some of the software offers webinar hosting while others do not. If it is critical to the business, you can always look for providers to cater to your requirements.

If you have registered with several tools, you definitely should take their full service. While you check for the best sales funnel, we will quickly have a look at some of the best-reviewed software that worked for me and probably will be a great fit for you as well.

So, let’s check out…

Best 9 Sales Funnel Builder Software in 2021

In this software list, I have added randomly…

1. CloudFunnels

CloudFunnels ensures creating marketing funnels easy and inexpensive. With this funnel creation software, you are able to create great sales funnel, email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and memberships in just a few clicks. This software provides you with everything that you required to create an online business.

The creator Cyril “Jeet” Gupta has been into creating software products for over 20 years. According to him, nearly half of the business has their online website and everywhere the buying decision depends on some influencer.

Post pandemic when the world will be even more dependent on online business compared to the previous situation, no business can afford to miss such opportunity. In such scenario, Cloud Funnels guarantee to provide exactly what you are looking for but at a reasonable price.

Cloud Funnels offer endless possibilities of creating memberships and funnels:

types of funnels membership with cloud funnels

How is this software beneficial for you?

  • You can create any type of site and funnel
  • You can get access to the readymade funnel templates
  • You can create membership areas
  • You can get benefitted from the inbuilt autoresponder in email
  • You can access the WYSIWYG page builder
  • You can get business analytics
  • You can easily use the sales funnel
  • It supports some of the known marketplaces and payment gateways
  • You can get unmatched organic traffic with the built-in features
  • You can use any type of third party plugins
  • You can get multi-user features
  • You can use Zapier for instant data transportation
  • and more…

Pros of CloudFunnels

  • It is easy to use and can be managed easily
  • It has many sales funnel templates
  • Non-WordPress Funnels
  • Google Cloud Platform hosting
  • Easy external integration, several payment gateways, and autoresponder
  • You can sell your products directly without the need for Shopify or Woocommerce

Cons of CloudFunnels

I personally did not find any problems with the features other than using too many upsells

Why do I like this Software?

I personally love this product and feel that just like me, it can be a great choice for you and other marketers. Possibly this is the only choice available who can save the hosting fee. It will get a big YES from me.

Plans and Pricing

CloudFunnels Elite

  • Create Unlimited Funnels
  • In-built Email Automation
  • Readymade Templates
  • Zapier Integration


per year

Use Coupon ‘funnelsale’ for $3 discount

CloudFunnels Pro

  • Free upgrade for 2 years
  • Payment network support
  • Will support multi-sites
  • and multi-pages funnel


per year

CloudFunnels Agency

  • Free upgrade for 2 years
  • Payment network support
  • Can create multi-sites
  • can sell to your customers
  • 129 pro level account


one time payment

Please read full CloudFunnels Review here.

2. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is a renowned name created to focus on WordPress Plugins and themes. These products are being designed with the only agenda to making the visitor of your website get converted into a sale.

thrivethemes sales funnel builder

The company comprehends the need for lead conversion and hence Thrive Themes has been created to emphasize more on making genuine customers. 

This company has founded in the year 2013 by Paul McCarthy and Shane Melaugh. They have recently become the trusted vendors in the space of affiliate marketing and digital marketing.

Shane is the brain who is marketing the product and also the conversion element takes care of a part. Paul is another name who is the tech head and also the developer that works behind the scene.

The products available in the company are completely focused on helping others achieve the conversion rates from their website irrespective of the goals.

Whether you are a service provider or an affiliate marketer or a blogger or product supplier, Thrive Themes is the required tool that can help you to engage more audiences.

How is this software beneficial for you?

  • You can easily build, edit, and then customize the website using the Thrive Theme Builder
  • You can easily create anything using the drag and drop layouts, advanced elements, add buttons and others to make it visually appealing
  • You can easily create and design an opt-in form with the ThriveLeads
  • You can boost the engagement in your website with the quizzes to gain visitor insights and build trust
  • You can easily build online professional courses to boost the subscriber with the Thrive Apprentice
  • The Thrive Comments provides you with the power to improve the engagement by offering faster feedback to your viewers
  • You can easily optimize the landing pages with the Thrive Optimize tool
  • You can now easily add a countdown to your campaigns and engage customers to buy your products with the thrive Ultimatum
  • Thrive Ovation helps you to gather and then display the testimonials for the social proof

Pros of Thrive Themes

  • It works great with the WordPress
  • You can get an innumerable option for the plugins
  • You can get benefitted from the high standard templates
  • You do not have to work on making it responsive, as it comes fully responsive websites
  • You will be able to create an appealing website with all the tools available in their ecosystem

Cons of Thrive Themes

Since the products offered are truly amazing but with the limitation to WordPress, so I personally feel it gets restricted for the businesses.

Why do I like this Software?

I personally am truly a follower of this software because of the range of tools that they have included. It allows me to do anything on my website to make it appealing to the viewers. With the WordPress website, Thrive Themes can become the best partner.

Plans and Pricing

Thrive Themes gives you access to all of their great plugins like Thrive Architect, Thrive Optimize, Thrive Leads, and more at $19/month if you become Thrive Members.

Thrive Membership

  • Can access all of plugins & themes
  • Can install on 25 websites.
  • Best for Individuals and Entrepreneurs


per months

Agency Membership

  • Can access all of plugins & themes
  • Can install on 50 websites.
  • Best for Agencies and Web Designers


per months

These 9 Sales Funnel Builder Software will Boost Your ROI in 2021. Try Now!

3. Leadpages

Leadpages is another amazing and well-known landing page software service to the market which can help you to build some of the amazing landing pages. These can become much helpful in boosting conversions compared to ordinary ones and will generate more revenue.

leadpages funnel builder

As everyone knows that business requires a great website which this software can offer along with the features that help you to add amazing things on the website.

Leadpages has its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This company started in the year 2012 and has been serving almost thousands of customers throughout the world. With a huge number of customers that the company has served in just a few years, it has become one of the most demanding software.

The versatility in the products and offering small businesses a great platform to do anything with the optimization services and templates, Leadpages has become a great choice. With Leadpages you can do multichannel linking in order to reach more customers.

How is this software beneficial for you?

  • You do not require high-end knowledge as it comes with the easy drag and drops features for customization
  • You can use the optimized templates for making your website ready for the mobile devices
  • You can trigger the pop-up to make it appear when any visitor moves their mouse in some ways which shows that they are going to leave the page
  • You can optimize conversions of the pages by running the A/B split tests onto any of the landing pages
  • You can get information about your website from the real-time analytics offered by them which shows the performance of the website
  • You can also add HTML, Javascript, and CSS to the body, header, and footer for customizing the pages along with pop-ups
  • You can securely host the website or the landing pages on the free domain offered by Leadpages with secured SSL and hosted on the HTTPS addresses
  • You can also give access to your clients or to the team members with the sub-account login feature
  • You can create a professionally looking website with drag and drop feature
  • You can also take advantage of the website SEO integrated into the Leadpages

Pros of Leadpages

  • You can build landing pages just the way you like
  • You can use the amazing template professionally designed available in Leadpages
  • You can take advantage of the many customization options whether it is a large screen or mobile screen interface
  • You can eliminate the loopholes in the design with the A/B testing
  • You can stay assured about ranking higher as the websites are SEO friendly
  • You can stay sure about the speed even after the integration of so many things on the website

Cons of Leadpages

To be very true there isn’t a single negative thing that I could find in this landing page software. Everything has been designed and developed to offer the best to its customers.

Why do I like this Software?

I loved this software because it allows me to do anything, including website optimization with the use of the inbuilt SEO features.

Leadpages Pricing – Best Plan

They have monthly and annual billing system. Let’s discuss the Annual plan here as you can save a lot of money when you opt for Annual Billing.

Pro Plan

  • For 3 websites
  • Free hosting included
  • Will get lead notifications
  • Landing pages, Pop-Ups, Alert Bars
  • Unlimited Traffic & Leads
  • And more features


per month when billed annually

4. Instapage

 Watching at the current condition of the market, it can be estimated that the digital advertising market globally with reach to $500B annually by the coming 2023 and Instapage is dedicated to increasing the conversion to a huge extent.

create landing page with instapage

In the coming days most of the potential customers will acquire personalized experience after clicks. Currently the conversion rate from the ad click is less than 4% which is said to be almost 16% in the coming days.

Tyson Quick is the founder and CEO of this company and has a great team that works together to meet the core values. They are mostly into optimizing the after clicking and maximizing the conversion rates for the advertisers.

They do this by creating, personalizing, and then optimizing the post-click activities. This landing page software can boost your ROI in an unbelievable manner.

How is this software beneficial for you?

  • You can easily create the mobile friendly landing pages as 70% of the traffic comes from mobile device
  • You can get hundreds of options from the pre-designed customizable templates
  • You do not have to be savvy as the software comes with the easy drag and drop features for including the page elements
  • You have the freedom to make use of different fields, drop-down lists, radio buttons and a lot more
  • You can make decision depending on the A/B testing results to increase the conversion rates
  • With the analytics present you can keep an eye on the performance of the website and correct wherever required
  • You can easily create one page for the entire campaign with dynamic content and advanced personalization
  • You can use the powerful features like timers and countdown to improve the conversion rate
  • You can easily connect with other platforms
  • With the sub accounts now you can give access to your team or clients

Pros of Instapage

  • You can create the interface with the easy drag and drop features
  • You can get benefitted from the Heatmaps integrated in the software
  • You can use the premium web fonts for your landing page
  • You will get the SSL certificate
  • You can improve the organic traffic of the landing age using the SEO functionality integrated

Cons of Instapage

Well, it would be great if it had integrated email marketing with it to improve the conversions even more.

Why do I like this Software?

I would certainly recommend businesses because of its easy functionality and helping you to build great landing pages along with other capabilities included.

Instapage’s Pricing Plan

Instapage has one business plan and another is fully customizable, you are independent to choose the features as per your requirements. Lets check the business plan in details…

Instapage Business Plan

  • Will get Multi-Step Forms
  • Conversion Analytics access
  • Can Integrate Zapier
  • GDPR Compliance
  • No Conversion Limits


annual price

5. Elementor Pro

Elementor is the advanced page builder software that offers the freedom to web designers to help them express their stories with easy layouts. With the new Elementor Pro, now you can visualize storylines that resonate with the visitors.

YoniLuksenberg, Ariel Klikstein, and Yakir Sitbon are the co-founders of this software along with their entire team developed this software to help web creator.

The only agenda is to offer a comprehensive solution while developing an effective website in the least hassle and maximum fun.

The software has been developed with the only mission to simplify web building that enables professionals to unleash creativity and also business potential.

With tons of features integrated into the software, the makers ensure people throughout the world to get a colorful website irrespective of the niche with them.

How is this software beneficial for you?

  • You can easily customize your website with the easy drag and drop editor
  • You have the freedom to choose from hundreds of pre-crafted templates which can easily fir in any industry
  • You can easily choose from the dozens of widgets for creating any type o contents that you require including the forms, headlines, buttons and much more
  • You can easily switch to the mobile view to take a look whether it looks good on the mobile devices or not
  • You can edit everything on your site without the need for knowledge on coding
  • You can easily edit the background colors and add gradient effect to the WordPress post or page
  • You can design the landing page with Elementor without the need for facing the hassle of header or footer
  • You can add animation and interactions on your website using the mouse effects and scrolling effects
  • You can upload any icons from the uncountable icons available in the icon library
  • You can take advantages from the several marketing features available in the software

Pros of Elementor Pro

  • The software is very easy to use
  • You can easily take advantage from the drag and drop interface
  • There are several high-end page templates
  • You can get benefitted from the several elements
  • You will be guided with the helpful videos
  • You can create the footer layouts and custom header with the Theme Builder tool

Cons of Leadpages

I truly loved the software and got benefitted from the many features available with them. Till now, I am unable to find any negative things about them.

Why do I like this Software?

As a final verdict about the Elementor Pro, I would say that this is a powerful page builder for the WordPress that can become helpful for everyone.

6. Funnelytics

Funnelytics is a software tool that is designed to make mapping easy for digital marketers along with analyzes the sales funnel for good marketing. These tools have witnessed a steady rise in terms of popularity from the start.

Generally, it has become a blessing for the marketers to use them and stay afloat the fluctuating marketing ace along with keeping an eye on the marketing.

Mikeal Dia is the founder and CEO of Funnelytics who came up with this amazing software in the last 2018. This Funnel mapping tool is exactly the way it sounds.

It provides you with a platform to plan the marketing funnels making use of the drag and drop features along with the built-in analytics helps to track the performance.

In short, the Funnelytics is solely built by the marketers and for the marketers. It can be your secret weapon to funnel mapping, calculate the state which provides with profit along with delivering great results backed by readable and transparent data.

How is this software beneficial for you?

  • You can work with your entire team as the pro accounts give you permission to add clients
  • You can use the drag and drop features present in the interface for different levels of sales funnel like for the sales page, blog post, webinar, thank you pages and much more
  • Making use of Funnelytics means you are using the analyze mode which helps you track your customers
  • You can take advantages from the UTM tagging in order to help to track the traffic coming from some external sources
  • You can get started with anyone from their 6 funnel templates to start customizing and mapping the funnel faster
  • You can easily add checklists and notes on each step of the funnel map
  • You can keep an eye on the conversion rates from one page to another along with check the user actions
  • The New Add-ons are you can take advantage from the Link wheel, context menu, action footer, keyboard shortcuts, arrow customizations, custom shapes, icons, and images

Pros of Funnelytics

  • You can use so many awesome features for Free
  • It has a very easy user-interface with the drag and drop feature
  • It is very fast and responsive
  • You can easily share and export the funnels
  • You can find great support from them and their community

Cons of Funnelytics

The pro version setting can be very complicated

Why do I like this Software?

I love the software because it’s Free. However, if you are looking to use the high-end features especially the marketers, you can choose a plan.

7. Kartra

Kartra redefines the running of an online business. It puts an end to the need for researching, configuring, and experimenting with the many platforms in various categories. This is the first all-rounder solution for the eCommerce market.

It has combined email, pages, CRM strategy, video hosting, affiliate and a lot more making it one of the best solutions for the businesses. This platform has everything that the sales and marketing team generally require to grow their business.

This is a product by Genesis Digital which combines everything like email, video, customer along with managing the shopping cart in one. It has tons of features that make it the best solution for every business requires especially when it comes to improving the return on investment.

How is this software beneficial for you?

  • You can sell your services or products online using the secure and amazing checkout forms by Kartra
  • You can get benefitted from the easy to use drag and drop features from the uncountable professional designed template
  • You will be able to build leads, customer database, and prospects and organize them through custom tags and lists
  • You can get more lead conversion by engineering the multi-page funnel flow
  • You can engage more with your leads with the automated SMS or email marketing campaigns
  • You can build the drag and drop membership with the portal builder of Kartra
  • You can easily pop your offer in the middle of the videos
  • You can create your lead forms by customizing your own fields

Pros of Kartra

  • It is a true all-in-one platform for online marketing
  • The funnel templates are designed by known marketers
  • You can get access to the amazing features like membership sites and helpdesk
  • A support team offering prompt action
  • You can check the conversion rates

Cons of Kartra

Nothing about this amazing software is negative to be written down.

Why do I like this Software?

I just love this software because of their tons of features. Besides, they continue to upgrade ore every day. It is a true mate for the marketers.

You can choose plans from annually or monthly

8. GetResponse

GetResponse is built for the marketers to offer amazing email marketing services. This tool helps to get the email marketing done in just a few steps. With such an amazing product, GetResponse has succeeded to offer service in over 180 nations with more than 1 billion subscribers joining them every month.

Simon Grabowski the CEO of GetResponse says that they are a team of some tech geeks from different fields. They are open to new and creative knowledge and which has led them to discover a product that can conquer the entire market.

They are working to offer a simple yet highly powerful solution for both large and small organization that is capable of driving the ROI. The online campaign and email marketing management of GetResponse become a great choice for the entrepreneurs to build the targeted subscriber list. The multiple offerings like responsive email design, marketing automation, readymade email templates and much more is going to be useful for people.

How is this software beneficial for you?

  • You can design beautiful templates and responsive email to improve your subscribers and sales
  • You can get benefitted from the predesigned-ready to use marketing campaign templates with the signup forms, landing pages, webinars and much more
  • You can attract new customer with the 100% responsive landing pages that can be designed easily with the drag and drop features
  • You can now easily create or store and add the products and gateways as your need and convenience
  • You can drive traffic to the funnels and landing pages with the tools integrated in this software
  • You can nurture your old customers and engage more leads with the advanced GetResponse email marketing

Pros of GetResponse

  • It is cheaper compared to its competitors in the market along with offering with great features
  • You can get unbelievable marketing automation options
  • You can get amazing data segmentation approach which is far more flexible than other products like Mailchimp
  • The webinar functionality is truly unparalleled, as I haven’t seen such functionality on other similar products
  • It supports different languages
  • You can stay transparent about the deliverability statistics of e-newsletters, website’s publishing figures and rates

Cons of GetResponse

Well, there is nothing negative in terms of features but it would have been better if it included the 2-factors login

Why do I like this Software?

I think this is the best email marketing software available on the Internet for all affiliate marketers.

You can choose from Monthly, Annually, and plans for 2 years

9. Easy Pro Funnel V2

Easy Pro Funnel V2 is another amazing choice for organizations that are looking to make a great reputation in the market. You can build amazing affiliate promotional funnels with this software.

If success is what you are running for, Easy Pro Funnel V2 is the right choice for you.

Matt Garett is the creator of this all-in-one funnel builder software which has been working for over 10 years in this genre.

His experience and skill has helped him to comprehend what the marketers look for, which is why he is successful in creating such an amazing product.

Making use of this web-based software one can easily become a successful affiliate marketer. This funnel builder does not require you to be savvy as it is designed in a way that everyone can access it. Besides, it has the ability to get more sales and conversions.

How is this software beneficial for you?

  • You can get access to free cloud hosting which means you will no longer have to pay extra on hosting every month
  • You can check the affiliates in just a few clicks
  • It automatically promotes the affiliate products
  • You can find discounts coupon to increase the sales rate
  • You have the freedom to choose the custom funnels and the landing pages
  • You can find thousands of affiliate products that can be accessed in just a click
  • You can customize the landing pages
  • The lightning speed of the landing pages adds to its benefits along with the responsive page designs

Pros of Easy Pro Funnel V2

  • You have the freedom to use free products
  • From the many landing page templates you can choose as per your needs
  • You can give offers or free products
  • You don’t need to have technical knowledge to use this software
  • You can create campaigns in just a few minutes

Cons of Easy Pro Funnel V2

There is nothing bad about this product

Why do I like this Software?

If you are in search for a simple software that can ease the affiliate marketing, you can blindly trust the Easy Pro Funnel V2. I use it and I can guarantee it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the major difference between marketing funnel and sales funnel?

Apparently, this is the common confusion among the new marketers but the marketing funnel and sales funnel are actually two part of same funnel.

The top portion of any funnel which attracts visitors to the website and compels them to provide their information to gather information is the marketing funnel.

The sales funnel is the one which takes the information, qualify for sale, and eventually provides the sales pitch to make the purchase.

What is the sales funnel reporting?

Sales funnel reporting is the facts and numbers which you acquire from the analytics. You can make use of this report which has data for performing the planning and analysis for testing.

What do you mean by sales funnel optimization?

When you have issues and leakage with the sales funnel, there is a need for taking steps to improve it, find out several ways to get people for taking actions and keep people within the funnel.

Optimizing sales funnel means to find ways to enhance the funnel depending on the collected data, and analysis to find the right path.

What do you mean by digital marketing sales funnel?

This funnel serves the basic reason or your digital marketing efforts. This again means that the funnel is focuses on the website and efforts made by you helps to attract more people to the website.

What is the definition of sales funnel leakage?

This is another term which you need to have knowledge about as it happens when there are people who have entered the funnel as a visitor and then take an exit. The chances are higher that the visitor has not opted for the offers and therefore you are not able to get the email to pull then further.

The middle leakage generally happens when people unsubscribe to the email or stop opening after sometimes.

Optimization can help to fill these loopholes as funnels have leakage.

Wrapping up

Well, if you are still reading the post, I must tell, you did a great job! By now, you should get an idea about the right sales funnel software for your business. Each and every software has been built to improve boost your ROI. 

No doubt that the prices are a lot different and so as the features, which means there is a need to prioritize your needs and then go for them.

Most of these software are easy to use and everyone has fairly dozens of features that become beneficial for the affiliate marketers.   I have provided the bests in the market, but now it’s your decision.

Please share this post and comment if you have any query.

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