Logii Software Review: Best Browser for Marketing Agencies

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Read this Logii software browser review CAREFULLY! If you don’t want to stop your marketing agencies.

If you follow me then you know, I am into social media marketing since 2010. I have seen all kinds of issues that digital marketing agencies are facing regularly. Like client social media profile accessing problems, ad account banning, and waste of potential working time.

All this happens due to limited IP and other resources. In our company to avoid this kind of issue we generally used Atlas VPN, different computers, and anti-detect browsers like GoLogin and AdsPower. All these solutions are costly.

Recently I come to know about Logii browser software which also does the same job but it is affordable and has some amazing features.

Logii browser can replace costly tools and allows you to do multi-account marketing without problems as you can prevent Google, Facebook, or any social media and forum websites from fingerprinting you.

Logii is a budget-friendly anti-detect browser solution for digital marketing agencies, Facebook advertisers, SEO analysts, social media marketers, and beyond.

Would you like to learn more about it? I’ve got this Logii Browser review for you!

Logii Browser Use-Cases: What You Can Do Peacefully?

  • Protecting your privacy on the internet also saves time.
  • Run ad campaigns for more clients and make more profit.
  • Use multiple social media accounts for playing games or marketing without getting banned.
  • You don’t need costly proxy tools to use multiple accounts from any country and it has many more benefits.
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Overview of Logii Browser Review

Logii: A Browser Software

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Logii Review Summary

Logii is must-have browser software for each online marketing agency and freelance marketer to handle multiple profiles.


What is Logii Browser?

Logii is the most powerful multi-profile browser software. Logii software allows you to manage multiple accounts and logins safely by running each identity in its own virtual space, isolating it from the other accounts. Logii software platform can replace multiple computers or VPSs, so you don’t have to use an expensive computer or VPS.

Your marketing efforts will be easier with Logii Multi-Login and Anti-Detect Browser. With Logii, you may remain anonymous, keep your password private, remove browser fingerprints, and manage multiple accounts from one computer at a time.

With Logii, you can create separate browser profiles for each user, each with its own set of cookies, local storage, and even cache. Each of the profiles is isolated from the others.

This means sites that try to fingerprint your browser and harm your business can no longer do so!

Logii is developed by Teknikforce, who also created CloudFunnels landing page builder, Webinarloop (webinar software), and 10+ other software.

I am using Teknikforce’s softwares since 2020 and to date my experience is good.

5 Reasons why you need Logii Browser?

Are you a digital marketer? Perhaps you run a marketing agency? These 5 reasons will make you want to purchase Logii Browser right away!

  • Cost-effective: Unlike similar alternatives, Logii is 90% cheaper.
  • Leave no digital fingerprint behind: It won’t be noticeable to Facebook or Google that the traffic originates from the same place.
  • Saves time: Automates monotonous tasks, which saves time.
  • Efficient teamwork: Multiply your social media accounts at the same time, collaborate with your colleagues, and boost efficiency.
  • Safest multi-login browser: Ads from multiple accounts can be run simultaneously without being banned.

Logii Browser Benefits

Logii is a marketing-focused browser. Multiple accounts and logins can be managed safely with it because each identity is isolated from the others, allowing for management and logging in. Among the many benefits offered by Logii, there are the following:

  • Multiple accounts can be logged in simultaneously on a single site. They are all in separate spaces and aren’t related to each other.
  • Ideal for internet marketers who need to promote multiple accounts on social media.
  • This is ideal for privacy-conscious users who do not want to leave a trace behind.
  • Ideal for marketing agencies that run campaigns for clients and want to ensure that each client has his own space to work from.
  • Memory and bandwidth requirements are very low.
  • It’s great for marketing in Facebook Groups without getting banned.
  • The Chrome Extensions feature lets you extend the functionality of the browser.

Logii Browser Features

I found Logii to be an easy-to-use tool with a lot more features than any other similar software. Here is a list of its features:

  • Allows for a maximum of 10 accounts to be active simultaneously.
  • For each id, there is a 100% independent browse environment.
  • Sharing accounts with the team is easy since there is no need to share passwords.
  • It provides familiar tools with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Great software for posting to multiple forums with different IDs.
  • Each account can have its proxy.
  • The software can be installed on a maximum of three computers simultaneously.
  • The Chrome Extensions feature lets you extend the functionality of the browser.
  • Instructions and training are provided in detail.
  • The support team is available round the clock via live chat.

This tool boasts many features that make it one of the best multi-profile browsers I have seen!

Logii Browser Pros and Cons

In this section of this Logii review, we will discuss the pros and cons:

What I Like in Logii Browser (Pros):

  • There is no connection between accounts, and each is in a separate space.
  • These types of software tend to be complex but, Logii is a stunningly intuitive platform with an incredible user interface.

What I Don’t Like in Logii Browser (Cons):

It can be difficult to understand the pricing structure.

Talking about the pricing structure being difficult to understand, the next section of my Logii Browser review makes it easy for you.

Logii Browser Pricing

As I have mentioned before, the Logii Browser multi-login and the anti-detect browser are the most cost-effective among other similar software like it. This is how it is priced…

logii multi login anti detect browser price

Logii Browser Upgrades

OTO 1: Logii Pro – $97-$127

Logii Pro’s impressive features add value to the application.

OTO 2: Logii Agency – $127-$197

Make all the profits from Logii by selling it yourself.

OTO 3: Adplify Pro – $67

An all-in-one platform to help you run Facebook ads more efficiently. More targeted ads, competitor monitoring, etc.

OTO 4: SellitPics Pro + Mighty Memes Pro – $67

Get viral with hyper-personalized meme marketing that automates images.

OTO 5: Addresponse + Leads2list – $67

You can boost sales by removing negative Facebook comments and collecting Facebook leads.

Logii Browser FAQs

You might have some questions on your mind. In this Logii Browser review, I will answer some FAQs.

Can it work while you are traveling?

Being a marketing professional isn’t easy. You may have to travel frequently. Logii Browser can help you work from anywhere in the world. The feature that allows combining commercial proxies lets you log in from any country.

What do a multi-login and anti-detect browser mean?

A multi-login browser means you can log in and use multiple media accounts at the same time, isolated. An anti-detect browser means your digital foot trail can’t be traced.

Logii Browser Review Verdict

A huge client base helped design Logii over several months. Together, Logii and their clients identified the real problems and worked on developing the perfect marketing tool.

With Logii, you will get to enjoy unparalleled performance and features. Ad profiles and accounts will never be banned again!

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