Flexible Solution for Website Creation – Localsitesgo Volume 11 Review

Welcome to my Localsitesgo Volume 11 Review.

It is not just you and me who think website building must be costly.

But research shows that 81% of people conduct research online before purchasing a website. So, you must be well-known with the #MYTH that websites are very costly.

Well, I know now everyone is very smart and they have plans to bring their business online or create a blog on WordPress which is truly great.

And yes, the good news is that without knowing “how to code”, and HTML you can also create a website, you can do SEO on-page optimization, build sales pages easily.

Wondering how?

localsitesgo volume 11 review

Let me share with you an effective website creation software that will help you build websites without hiring developers. After reading this post you can create your own website as well as you can start a website agency today.

Since I always believe that sharing is caring, and through sharing, you can increase the knowledge and help others, go through the post.

create beautiful wordpress website quickly

Wait we came a long way, but I really forgot to introduce myself! I am Sudesh Roul, an entrepreneur, and Wikipedian, an online marketer. Those who follow my blogs must know me but if you are new to my website then an introduction is really necessary.  I am also passionate about coding and creating websites on WordPress.

I have already been in the online marketing industry for years and throughout my experience, I keep looking for tools and applications to simplify the website building procedure.

Here again, I love to introduce a really functional and helpful WordPress Theme that can help you to create beautiful WORDPRESS websites with One Click in less than 2 minutes for local businesses.

What Exactly is LocalSitesGo Volume 11?

LocalSitesGo Volume 11 is a page builder WordPress Theme, you can call it an offline Niche Web Design Tool for the online marketers or anyone who plans to bring their business online.

Localsitesgo Volume 11 Review – Overview

Product:LocalSitesGo Volume 11
Vendor: Rueben Romero
Launch Date:2020-May-26
Front-End Price:$22
Official Page:https://localsitesgo.com/

A website building is a very technical task requires the designers to design a layout, and then it goes to the clients for the final approval. Next comes the development, of the functionalities and them, purchase the host and the domain,

Surely a long task!

I have already come across many business owners who plan to open a website but steps back because they think it is very costly.

But LocalSitesGo Volume 11 is a completely user-friendly theme with a very robust and scalable interface. It contains high-quality designs that will not only make the web design beautiful but it comes with a fully customized special header and footer.

It includes a one-click design import, 50 plus prebuilt pages, and Elementor Drag and Drops Live Page builder.

LocalSitesGo Volume 11 is a WordPress based tool and it is a bonus for everyone who wants to set their footsteps into the business of website building without making a lot of investment.

A Quick Glance into the Tool

  • 50+ pre-built pages
  • Royalty-Free Images
  • No Clunky Short Codes
  • Built with Elementor Drag & Drop Live page builder
  • No coding required.
  • Infinitely Customizable Theme.
  • One-Click Design Import.
  • Get 10 Professionally Designed, Niche Specific, Layouts.
  • 110+ Amazing features.
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About the Creator of LocalSitesGo

The LocalSitesGo creator is Rueben Romero, who has been doing local marketing since 2006 has over 14 years of experience in internet marketing. Having a resume that boasts a $500,000 revenue in only ten days on his first launch he is a power bank of talent.

Romero’s aim with the tool is absolutely genuine and he plans to help anyone who likes to dedicate some time and take advantage of the website development industry. He believes that using LocalSitesGo with dedication is the formula to build a six-figure web design agency.

Localsitesgo Volume 11 – Who Should Use It?

  • Marketing Agencies,
  • Local Marketers,
  • Digital marketing specialists
  • Local marketing agency
  • Web Developers,
  • WordPress Enthusiasts,
  • Newbies
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Localsitesgo Volume 11 Benefits & Features

With the tons of features, I can say Localsitesgo Volume 11 is the world’s best, infinitely flexible WordPress theme ever created.

Benefits of Localsitesgo Volume 11

  • Built To Launch Sites Fast And Easy
  • Launch A Site With As Little Effort As Possible
  • Instant Install Technology
  • Installed With The A Single Click
  • Save Time And Development Costs
flexible wordpress theme

Features of Localsitesgo Volume 11

  • Easily build all kinds of sites of your dream
  • One-click designs use
  • Comes with the popular page builder in the market: Elementor
  • Most flexible page builder  
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Highly responsible on all devices

PROS and Cons of Localsitesgo Volume 11


Building a website on WordPress has amazing flexibility as you can use plenty of widgets and styles, to design your blog. Moreover, I especially recommend Localsitesgo Volume 11 because even if you have zero ideas about website creation this theme can quite your to create any kind of website whether it is a real estate, Diner, hospitality websites, websites on local farms, grocery store, stationery shop, marketing websites, wedding photographer, or websites of another niche you can think of. 

Let’s check out some of the pros of Elementor

  • A truly flexible page builder is available in the market. It never gets outdated or unsupported so it can be used for lifetime
  • The theme is very responsive and user friendly it will open in all devices whether it’ a laptop, desktop, or smartphones. 
  • The drag and drop builder helps in creating beautiful websites. Moreover, you can do the edits fast without the need of changing any codes. You can also make your website LIVE as fast as possible. 
  • Elementor is free but to get if purchase the Pro version of LocalSites go you do not even need to upgrades as the theme is a one time purchase.
localsitesgo theme features


Could not find any particular disadvantages.

LocalSitesGo Volume 11 OTOs & Upsells

Front-end Package: LocalSitesGo

Invest $21.97 for the Developer License or $19.97 For A 10 Site License this is a front-end price.

Why choose it?

  • Low-Priced,
  • High-Conversion,
  • Powerful Theme Builder,
  • 10 Instant Install Niches,


This product includes 3 major upsells along with the main product.

OTO 1: LandingPageGo

You have to invest $19.97 for the LandingPageGo.

Benefits of this package

  • High Value Landing Pages
  • High conversion landing pages

OTO 2: LocalSitesGo Pro

Invest $27.97 LocalSitesGo Pro

Why select this package?

  • Get Even More Designs For Each Of this Niche
  • Installed With The A Single Click.
  • Save Time And Development Costs.

OTO 3: Ultimate Webmaster

You can buy this package at $487

Benefits of this package

  • Create more websites for your local business clients.
  • Also, manage all your client’s websites at a very low price.
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Final Verdict

With the above-mentioned features and benefits, you see Localsitesgo Volume 11 gives you tons of reasons to invest your money in it. 

Before I end my review, I hope the following advice is helpful for you, whenever you are going to start your business online you will need a real guide to show you the marketing methods. Do not ever invest in any kind of tool or theme just do not know anything. 

But, since I am in the business for years I can tell you that Localsitesgo Volume 11 is the go-to for every business owner or service provider who wants to get their online visibility. 

Do not make any delay, I hope after reading this review you have already got an idea of the huge profit-making opportunities Localsitesgo Volume 11 can give you. Make your move now!

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