Kyvio Review – Budget Funnel Builder to Sell Your Products and Services Online

If you are searching for one of the best site build to help you grow an online business, then you have landed yourself on the right page.

I am here to help you by writing a detailed Kyvio review and how it can help you sell products and services.

Kyvio has been one of the best cloud-based platforms and I will help you to understand how!

So, let’s get started and understand what makes Kyvio a significant addition to your business approach.

kyvio review for online side income

Overview of Kyvio Review


Sudesh Roul

Kyvio is a cost-effective platform to help you with high-converting landing pages and business growth.
kyvio review
Smart Funnels
Smart Memberships
Smart Mailer
Smart Affiliate

Kyvio Review Summary

Kyvio allows you to do everything that you need to sell your product and services online.


What is Kyvio?

Kyvio is an extensive funnel builder known for developing online platforms to help one enhance their online business without any kind of hassle. With the help of this software, you will be able to turn your ideas into high returns and that too without any kind of technical disturbance!

You can always consider this platform to work upon profitable membership platforms, affiliate programs, email marketing, and a lot more.

Why Kyvio is a one-stop solution for online business owners?

Let’s dig deep and understand what are the attributes that make Kyvio a one-stop destination for your online dominance needs, take a look:

1) Create Appealing Landing Pages and Sales Funnels

With the help of Kyvio, you will be able to create landing pages according to your business needs. Not only this, but it will also help you create sales funnels that can enhance your audience reach multifold.

So, this is the reasons why it is acknowledged as one of the lead generation funnels as one will be able to create it with easy to use attributes. In fact, no need for coding skills as well!

2) Secured Membership Platform

If you are looking for a reliable membership website builder, then you can have nothing better than Kyvio.

Yes, with the help of this software, you will be able to create beautiful subscription sites according to your product and service needs.

3) Email Automation

Kyvio is one of the best email marketing software that helps you send broadcast messages and email sequences. It allows you to collect leads and the autoresponder attributes help you with quick response.

So, perfect software to have that can help you with email campaigns

4) Expand Your Business with Affiliate Marketers

In online business, you can sell more by inviting affiliate marketers who are doing affiliate marketing.

So, Kyvio offers one of the most precise affiliate promotion tools to boost your online side income. You can easily create your own self-managed affiliate commissions plans seamlessly.

Kyvio Review – Its Benefits

Being the best site builder tool in the business, Kyvio comes with such benefits that can help you and your business dominate the online space, take a look:

  • The user interface is easy and intuitive to operate,
  • 24/7 customer support service,
  • Affordable packages,
  • Easy to integrate,
  • Beginner-friendly.

Kyvio Review – Its Features

In this segment of Kyvio Review, we will be discussing more about the different features this software carries to help you with an exceptional experience, take a look:

1) Smart Funnels

The attribute of Smart Funnels, helps you create engaging landing pages and also provides assistance in converting sales funnels. No need for programming skills to develop websites with this attribute!

Drag-and-drop Builder: You design your page as per your customized needs by dragging and dropping elements as per your needs.

Pre-built Templates: Get a wide range of templates to select from and have your website designed that can enhance your branding needs multifold!

Split Testing: You will be able to test different funnel variations and opt-in pages and Optimize the conversion.

Various Sales Funnel Option: You get unlimited page options for your funnel development needs to represent your business transparently.

2) Smart Memberships

You will be able to design a secure memberships page that can help your users to make a purchase without thinking twice. The entire page will be automated and you can track the activities with ease.

Customize the Membership Site: Get your membership site designed as per your customized needs You can use theme selector as per your vision and add Unlimited membership sites with ease.

Offer Multiple Price: You will be able to provide coupon codes, discounts, or even completely free products to your customers with this sales funnel tool.

 Manage user in Automation: You will be able to manually and automatically develop and manage all user accounts without any kind of difficulty.

List Building: You will be able to add your members to the autoresponder list and even get them registered for a webinar without any hassle at all.

3) Smart Mailer                              

With the help of this smart mailer attribute, you will be able to generate leads and exclusively engage them in your services via email regularly.

Save Email Marketing Costs: It helps in getting into email marketing and that too without having to worry about the costing at all.

Personalization Your Messages: You will be able to Collect leads by personalizing your message according to your needs.

Automation: This tool helps you with automation attributes for all kinds of reporting and blacklisting related needs. 

Autoresponder Integration: This type of attribute will certainly help your clients with an automatic quick response to keep your customers engaged.

4) Smart Affiliate

This attribute allows you to hire affiliates and exclusively manage their network without any kind of third-party integrations.

Self-managed Affiliate Software: You will exclusively get complete access and authority to manage your payments and affiliates.

Affiliate Promotion Tools: You will be able to avail affiliate promotion tools that include email swipes and banners that can enhance the results big time.

Referral Tracker: You will be getting this tracker to keep an eye on your referral links and understand where your traffic is originating from.

2-tier Affiliate Program: You will be able to earn through commissions not only via your sales but also via sub-affiliates as well

Why You Should Use Kyvio

Kyvio is best for you if:

You are a freelance Developer: It is one of the most convenient marketing tools for freelance developers like you to have your projects covered in the quickest possible time.

You are internet marketers: As online marketers, you will get the benefit of the best attributes to drive more leads and revenue in a short span of a time period.

You are Entrepreneurs: For entrepreneurs, this cost-effective marketing tool will enhance business presence online without having to stress about the budget.

You are Online Course Creators: With the help of Kyvio, you will be able to develop a membership site that is an amazing way to monetize your course subscribers.

You belong to Startups and Midsize Agencies: When it comes to Kyvio, it is not only for freelance marketers and solopreneurs. Startups and medium-sized agencies can also benefit significantly.

It comes with a tool particularly designed for online courses called “drip-feed content”. What it does is that it automatically stops people from accessing the content based on the given expiration date.

Kyvio Support

With the help of Kyvio’s support desk, setting up your own support center can certainly become a lot easier. It comes with all the attributes that can help you with a convincing support center.

Kyvio Review – Its Pros and Cons

Kyvio Pros

  • Wide range of built-in tools so, no buying from external platforms.
  • Excellent user-interface.
  • An unlimited number of pages.
  • Split test the funnel pages for better ROI.
  • Provide your customer discounts.

Kyvio Cons

  • The marketing attributes not as upgraded as ClickFunnels or Kartra.
  • Supports only 2 payment gateways

Kyvio Review – Pricing Plans

Here in this Kyvio review segment, we will help you understand the pricing of this custom funnel builder. Take a look at the given package according to your budget sales funnels builder.

  • Basic plan: $29/month,
  • Business plan: $69/month,
  • Pro plan: $149/month

So, you can select according to your email marketing or site-building needs!

Lets Compare Kyvio with its competitors

Let’s check out how the best stands out among the rest, take a look at few of Kyvio alternatives:


  • Enhance your leads, brand, and revenue and too also through webinars
  • Make aesthetically and professional landing pages
  • Monetize membership site
  • Develop an engaging email campaign.


  • Webinars
  • Page builder
  • Split-testing
  • Email automation
  • Ideal for campaigns


  • Sales funnels builders
  • MailingBoss autoresponder
  • Reporting
  • Online store builder
  • Easy to use


What is Kyvio?

Kyvio is a cost-effective platform to help you with high-converting landing pages and business growth.

Does Kyvio offer a free trial?

Yes! You will be able to use this platform without any charges for 14 days at $1

How Kyvio is a budget-friendly tool?

Kyvio will help you avail an excellent discount by referring to my Kyvio posts.

Kyvio Review Verdict

In the conclusion of my Kyvio review, it can be stated that Kyvio is one of the best platforms for beginners to get ahead with the best of online marketing services. Firstly, it is one of the cheapest alternatives that give the beginner to get started with a basic marketing platform.

Hope, I have covey the way of sell products and services cost-effectively through this Kyvio review to you. Please share it or comment below if you have any queries.

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