How to Start a Blog in 2021 – A Free Complete Guide

Your visit to this page means you want to start your own blog.

Undoubtedly a great mindset, but brace yourself before you start learning the methods of starting a blog in 2021.

Trust me, when I say that starting my own blog was the best decision I took.

Despite the challenges that I had to overcome in the initial days, standing in 2021, I can proudly say, “I live my life on my own terms.”

If you want to know how to start, what are the challenges, what are its advantages and how can it change your life – then read this post till the end…

how to start a blog in 2020

This is the ultimate guide for you.

Why Do You Need a Blog?

Before you start, you first need to ask yourself whether you really need a blog!

There is no doubt that blogging has a range of advantages including improving your writing skill and communication, meet new people, promote yourself, and can make money out of it.

Blogging helps in increasing the channel throughout the world and improves your online presence.

Let me tell you my story…

Initially, when I started the blog I was not knowing anything about blogging and how to make money from it.

However, when I started the blog, with time, it became clearer to me. Now, when it has been years of hard work and after writing several blogs, I can eventually say that my blog is getting enthusiastic and awesome readers like you.

So, still, do you find any excuse not to start blogging? Probably, a big NO!

If you are still not able to gain enough courage or confidence to start your blog, then have a look at some of the reasons for starting your blog.

Why You Should Start a Blog?

  • You will start gaining confidence: Even if you don’t believe my words, but I must admit that “Me” before blogging, was shy, unsocial, and lacked confidence. However, as I gradually continued blogging, it eventually helped me in various ways which include improving my writing and communication skills.

    Are you thinking about how blogging can improve communication skills? Then you must know that you need to communicate with your readers who are commenting. And this way you will gradually learn to communicate with strangers.
  • You will become a better person: A person is known by the way he or she communicates, thinks, and writes. By blogging each and every day it will start improving. Since you will have to think about the content, your thinking skills will enhance and will boost your writing skills.
  • Improve your network: Even when you are blogging staying right at your home, it will start improving your network. Since people from different countries with different languages and knowledge will start visiting your page, you will be able to connect much easier with different people from different cultures.

    This way you can boost your knowledge as well. You can gain a lot of information on your genre as well from your blogging network.
  • Business growth: If you are about to start a business and if you already have a blog that has a good number of readers, then your blog can be a great help for your business growth. Your business promotion can be done from your blog itself.
  • Branding and self-promotion: Blogging is a great way to promote you. Just like this is my blog and it is a way of promoting me through my blog.

    Some of the known bloggers are Neil Patel, Kulwant Nagi, who have been into blogging for years and have got great success, is now a known personality. This means they have gained their popularity through their blog and therefore, you can be the next one.

If you find the reasons for starting your blog, you should start now.

Not only it is a great way of improving your career but also it helps to boost your self-confidence, improves your communication, and develops you from inside.

When You Should not Start a Blog?

Well, there are certain conditions when you should not start blogging.

  • You want to become rich quickly: This is certainly what we all want but blogging is not a great step. This is not something that will offer you instant money; rather I would say this is the slowest of all processes.

    Overnight success or within a month, blogging is not something that will give you success. You need to spend months and keep hardworking to become a successful blogger. Once you become successful, the money will follow you. If your intention is just to become rich, blogging is never a great choice.

  • You are not ready to work hard: Trust me, when I say that to become successful in blogging, you cannot think of taking rest. Rather, you need to work harder than you have ever imagined.

    Blogging might sound easy as there will be no one to bother you and you can be your own king, but in reality, it requires a lot of hard work. You need to work day and night in your initial days just to reach a position where people can identify you from your blog.

  • If you hate socializing: Here is a difference between you can’t socialize and you hate socializing. If you cannot socialize, then as mentioned earlier, blogging is a great way to start socializing, but if you hate social media, you should not go for blogging.

    Blogging is all about social media so you need to socialize. If you don’t take interest in socializing, blogging is definitely not a good choice for you.

  • If you are not ready to invest money: If you think that everything will be free, then you are wrong. Not everything you need will come for free.

    You need to invest money in blogging. It might not be a huge initial investment, but you have to invest a minimal amount on blogging.

Starting from purchasing the domain to themes to plug-in, a minimal payment will help you to get a lot of benefits from it.

When you purchase the themes and plugins, you can use it in different ways which can again help you for promotion.

Benefits of Blogging in 2021

Before making any decision, we always check the range of benefits that come with it.

Without the advantages, we hardly opt for things and therefore it will be the same for blogging as well. So let us check the benefits of blogging.

  • This becomes the best and simplest way to boost online presence. The more you start interacting with new people, the more you start gathering confidence in yourself.
  • You tend to build a passion for writing and interacting more with new people. Since it increases the interest, you automatically tend to start improving in your genre.
  • You can utilize your skills and which will help you to earn a lot of money.
  • Blogging becomes a lot helpful in building trust among your customers and start making your identity.
  • You have the authority of your industry. You can do whatever you want with your blog and post whatever you want on your blog site.
  • You can easily make a great relationship with your readers. This way you get to learn a lot of things.
  • You can easily educate the readers about the products or services that you are offering if you are about to start a business.
  • There will be no boss to dictate you any rules and regulations.

Which is the Apt Blogging Platform for You?

I will not take much time to explain which is the best platform? There are so many blogging platforms that you can choose for making the blog, however, I would always recommend using WordPress.

Now, your next question would be why?

The reason is because in the other platforms you can never access to customize or edit everything.

But with WordPress, you can get the freedom to make any and many changes in your blog.

With WordPress, you can get several plug-ins along with themes for making an awesome blog. So I would always recommend you to opt for WordPress.

Steps to Start Blogging in 2021

Now that you have known the advantages of blogging and why you should start it, it’s high time to find out the steps to start a blog in 2021.

There are a lot of steps which you need to follow, so follow them and be with me. Best of luck!

Let’s check.

Choose Your Blog Niche

This is the very first thing that you need to do to start your blog. Most of the newbies get stuck at this stage because they are unable to select the right niche.

Do you have any idea that almost 99% of the bloggers tend to quit blogging during the first 6 months, as they select a niche which they do not like.

This results in losing interest in blogging.

Pro Tips
Don’t quit Blogging. This is a business. You can hire a content writer to keep your blog alive and make decent money out of it.

Choosing a niche is more like choosing a topic as there will be several topics with it.

When you choose the wrong niche, you lose the entire game at the very beginning.

Are you confused now?

Let me now take the example regarding the niches:

ShoutMeLoud: If you are into blogging, you must be knowing about ShoutMeLoud. This is one of the renowned websites that is known to the people. From this website, you will get to know regarding Blogging, SEO, WordPress and so much more.

Smart Passive Income: This is another website that was started by Pat Flynn. This blog will help you regarding the strategies that are required for the growth of online businesses. If you check now, you can find that Smart Passive Income is making more than a million-dollar each and every day.

This makes it clear that when you make the right choice of niche and you have an interest in it, it will help you to improve.

There are several other such examples in the market that I can show you, but hopefully, by now you have understood that choosing the right niche is always fruitful for the new bloggers.

There are many who will be suggesting choosing a profitable niche but ultimately if you don’t find interest in writing about it, you will be at loss.

Therefore it is my suggestion to choose a niche that you are interested in and which helps you to grow.

For example, you can start a lifestyle or on what you usually best and do in a better way that could help others.

So how to find the niche that you are interested in and that won’t make you regret in the future. Here is a full proof profitable plan.


  • Do you have an interest in working on a specific niche?
  • Do you have the efficiency in solving the problems in that particular niche?
  • Will you be able to share the article on that particular niche?


  • Can you make money from it?
  • Does that niche have a huge keyword volume or not?
  • Whether they have an affiliate program or not?

I believe, by now you will be able to choose the right niche after reading the above-mentioned portion.

Let look into the next step after choosing a niche!

Choose a Domain Name

You will be easily able to select a perfect domain name for your new blog. Read on the guide.

However, if the domain name has already been selected, then you can skip the following part.

This is for those who have not yet made the selection of domain name till now –

  • Short and Simple: Try not to make it long but keep it as short as possible. Do not make it long as it is not very easy to pronounce and also people these days are not able to remember.
  • Don’t use the Numbers: Never make use of numbers in the domain name, as it is not that easy to remember the numbers.
  • Make use of keywords: If you want, you can easily use the prime keyword in the domain. This becomes a lot helpful in SEO.
  • Take the TLD Extension: I would recommend making use of domain extension like “.com” as it is for the global market.

Choose a Web Hosting

In order to make a blog, you will always require web hosting. I am going to guide you on how to select a web hosting company and buying a hosting plan.

Things to Check While Choosing a Web Hosting

Web hosting – This is a place where all the files of your own blog are kept. It will show the blog lives as soon as someone accesses it.

Hosting is more like that of the hard disk where the data are being stored.

Now you will take time in thinking the best WordPress hosting is the right choice for you.

You will find several web hosting sites where you can start the new blog. But since not all web hosting is reliable, I would recommend you to make the right choice.

There are some of the best names which include:

A2 Hosting is one of the best hosting available for beginners. Besides, service and support are extremely very reliable and fantastic. This is not very expensive like other hostings.

If you ask me, my initial experience was cheap and awful. I tried in a cheap way but its load time is certainly disgusting.

However, as soon as I was told regarding the A2 Hosting, I made the purchase.

Pro Tips
There is a way to save money when you buying Hosting. So please check it out and save some money on hosting purchase.

Before I was using A2 Hosting, the loading time was 9.5s and now it is 1.8s. Hence you can clearly have an idea regarding the qualities and facilities offered by the web hosting.

So now probably you have decided to move to A2 Hosting, therefore let me guide you to make the purchase.

Note: This is for purchasing A2 Hosting Other hosting has different methods of purchasing.

Step 1: Choose a Plan

a2 hosting plan
Disclaimer – Price may differ from screenshot as per their current offer!

You need to choose a plan depending on your needs and requirements. You can definitely choose the STARTUP plan but I would recommend you choose a TURBO BOOST plan as it eventually ends in saving a lot of money. As well as this plan comes with Turbo Server (it will speed up your blog) and don’t worry they have anytime money back guaranty.

Step 2: Pick a Domain Name

choose a domain name at a2 hosting

Pick a domain name that is understandable. Suppose, if you are into making a food blog and decide to keep the name as food plaza, you can choose Now click on Continue.

Step 3: Hosting Plan Customization

a2 hosting plan customization

In the third step, you need to customize your hosting plan like years of sign up, server location, dedicated IP, etc. Once complete hit the Continue button.

Step 4: Domains Configuration

domains configuration at a2 hosting

This section is completely optional. Click on Continue once you done.

Step 5: Review Your Order

Here you just need to review your order summery and go ahead to checkout.

Step 6: Checkout and Complete the Order

a2 hosting checkout page

This is the last step where you need to fill your brief personal information including billing address.

Make sure you don’t put any incorrect information. This section includes filling with the Debit/Credit card details. Also, you need to confirm the terms and conditions. After this, click on the “Check-out” button and done by putting OTP.

Next to this, you need to wait and then check the email to find the details associated with the account.

Wallah! You are done.

Congratulations now you have purchased the hosting and domain for your blog.

This is the procedure for A2 Hosting. You can also choose Bluehost (They Offer FREE Domain for 1st Year) or SiteGround as your web hosting company.

Install WordPress – Setup Blog with Few Click

As I have already mentioned that WordPress is the name that I prefer and recommend. Installing WordPress does not take much time lets do it now.

Here I will guide you about WordPress set up and ways to make you blog live.

The very first step includes visiting the A2 Hosting account and logging in to your account.

Once you login into your A2 Hosting account, you will be taken to Client Area.

Next – Click on cPanel Login.

a2 hosting client area

Next – Click on WordPress – A2 Optimized (marked in below screenshot) under the Softaculous Apps Installer.

Click on WordPress - A2 Optimized

Next – Click on Install Now!

install now the wordpress a2 optimized

Next – You have to fillup some required information as marked in the screenshot – then click on the Install button at the bottom of the page.

now install wordpress in one click

Note – the above information is essential for setup. Also, I would recommend remembering the password.

This might a few minutes for setting the WordPress website. Once it has done you will get an email with all information including custom WordPress login URL.

You have successfully setup your first blog. Next – we will install WordPress themes and plugins one by one. Lets start.

Check WordPress Basic Setting

Once you install WordPress, you need to do the basic settings. There are several bloggers out there whom I have seen do not make the setting properly and as a result, face several difficulties.

Review Search Engine Visibility Setting

In this section, you will check the “Search Engine Visibility.” You always need to know that never check the box. In case you check this option, Google will stop ranking your article. Google will not even index the articles.

Therefore keep in mind about the option.

Review Permalink Option

It is crucial to change the permalink settings as permalink makes a lot of matter in the ranking. You will also find various options like month and Name, Plain, Post Name and Numeric, and Plain.

In this section, I will recommend choosing the “Post Name” as this makes the URL SEO friendly.

Guideline to Buy WordPress Theme

Next to this, you need to customize the theme, but before that, you need to know the things that you should keep in your mind before buying a WordPress theme.

This becomes a difficult choice when you are new to buying a WordPress theme, as you have no idea how to proceed! Well, let us have a look at the points to consider.

Make sure that the theme you have chosen is easily customizable and have online resources because not every time you will find a helping hand.

Make sure that the theme is responsive because these days you will not find customers spending hours on finding something on their laptop. The advent of smartphones has taken this responsibility and they can now be easily performed on smartphones.

This is where responsive websites become a lot helpful, as your customer will be able to check everything easily.

Is the theme compatible with the latest version of the WordPress.

Make sure you choose the unlimited site license as it saves a lot in future.

Make sure that the theme you are choosing is suited to the blog category. Being a new blogger, you might not have much knowledge about it but always remember that the first image is instantly created from the theme. If you are opening a medical shop, you need to choose a theme that suits the products and services whereas for beauty products it is different. Therefore choose properly.

Basic WordPress Theme Customize

Now that you have known the things to check while choosing a theme, you need to then focus on customizing the theme. Here I am going to provide you with knowledge in how to upload the logo, create menus and a whole lot of things.

For uploading the logo in the chosen theme, you need to select on

Appearance > Customize > Site Identity

Once you have done this, you will find the option where you can easily upload your logo.

Besides, you will find various options that you can use for making the theme look professional. However, if you are unable to do the customization, contact the theme support staff.

I am also here for your help. You can directly leave a comment and I assure you to provide the solution within the next 24 hours.

Install These Plugins

Now let’s check which are basic plugins you should have to run your blog securely and safely.

Akismet Anti-Spam

As the name mentioned, this is the anti-spam plug-in which becomes a lot helpful in stopping the spam comments on the website.

You don’t have to make any payment, as this is free of cost. All you need is to visit the plug-in section and then choose and install it.

Rank Math SEO

This is another very important plugin that you need for ranking your blog higher on Google. This can become a lot helpful in optimizing the blog. You can get this plug-in for free and therefore just visit the plug-in section and install it.

Since I am using his plug-in, I would definitely recommend you as the features that you get from this without paying a penny are simply advantageous.

Social Snap

This is the plugin for the social sharing that becomes a lot helpful in increasing the traffic from social media platforms. Again, this is a great choice because it does not cost a penny and if you want, you can purchase the upgraded versions.


When it comes to WordPress backup, this plugin becomes a lot useful for bloggers. As I personally use it, I can say it is simply great. You have the freedom to set the plugin into monthly, weekly, or daily automatic updates.

WP Rocket

This is the premium plug-in which becomes a great choice for speeding up the website. This is required because Google generally prefers the website that loads within 3 seconds of time.

WP Forms Lite

This is one of the plugins that you definitely need for creating the contact us page within a very short time. This will not have any impact on the website speed and therefore installing this plug-in can become helpful.

Thrive Architect

This is again a plugin that helps to design the web pages in a stunning way. If you ask me, I would say that this is the best page builder.

Write Your First Blog Post

Now that you have made the required installation of the plugins and themes, it is the time for writing the first blog post. But before that, you need to make proper keyword research.

Keyword research is a crucial step that improves the traffic to your website. When you do not use proper keyword to your blog, it will take a lot of time to rank higher with the articles.

So, it is always advised to make proper keyword research for the article or the topic you choose to write just to make sure that you get ranking easily on the search engines.

If you ask me about the keywords, then you should know that there are three different types of keywords, which includes the short tail, medium tail, and long tail keywords.

For an example:

  • “WordPress Plug-ins” is a short tail keyword.
  • “Top 5 WordPress Plugins” is the medium tail keyword.
  • “Best WordPress Plugins for the bloggers” is the long tail keyword.

Now you might be thinking which keyword type you should prefer then I will recommend choosing the long tail keyword. The reason why is because such keywords can rank easily.

Advantages of making keyword research:

  • This will become helpful to get the targeted traffic to the website.
  • This will become helpful for website ranking without the need for backlinks.
  • Keyword research becomes a lot helpful for earning a lot of money from the blog.

Top Keyword Research Tools

You can find several choices of keyword research tools available on the internet including comprises like the SEMrush, Ubersuggest, Keyword Everywhere, Ahrefs, and many more. Since I use the Ubrsuggest and Ahrefs for making the research, I will also advise you to use them for making the keyword research.

Ways to make the long tail keyword research using Ahrefs:

Now we will focus on the ways to find the long tail keywords so that you can rank higher on Google.

Step 1: Click on the “Site Explorer”

Step 2: Enter an URL of a renewed sire that I similar to your niche and then click on the search button.

From here you will get a huge data regarding that website like the traffic, keywords, UR, DR, backlinks etc

Step 3: Click on the Top Page Section where you can find many web pages

Step 4: Click on the “Keywords” option

You need to make sure that:

  • The page gets a lot of traffic
  • The site has ranked for many keywords
  • The pages has ranked on top with 5 top keywords

Step 5: Click the “Word Count” section and then use filter. In the black space fill with “From 4 to 8”

Now the keywords you find are easy to rank and can be worked on them.

Since you have filtered the keywords that you want to include, you can now write the first post.

In order to share your information with the world, you need to write awesome content and then publish it.

Visit “Posts” > Add new

Follow these few steps to write and then publish it to the world.

Step 1: Write the title on the “Add Title” box

Step 2: Followed by it, you can find a box where you can write the article, add images or other media.

Step 3: On the right you can find an option named “Permalink” which you can change as per your needs.

Step 4: Look for the “Categories and Tags” just below the permalink and change them as per the requirement.

Step 5: Click on the “Featured” Section just below the tags and then set a features image for the blog post.

Now you have done everything for your blog post and therefore click on “Publish” to share your post to the world.

Bingo! You just made the first blog post.


Promote Your Blog

Once you have written and published the post, it is the time to make proper promotion, This will help to get the traffic to your website.

I have witnessed most of the new bloggers do not mind skipping this step, but you should know that without this Google is not going to recognize your existence and therefore no ranking. Hence, keep this step as a mandatory one.  

If you are thinking how this can be done, then here I have a solution for you. Follow these 5 smart tips for your blog promotion.


If you are in this sector for a long time, you must be knowing about Quora. This is the forum website where you have the freedom of asking questions along with answering to others questions’ as well. As per my personal experience, I would say that I have received a lot of traffic from quora and therefore you need to spend time on it.

Quora is one of those platforms that again become a lot helpful in improving the domain authority. This can eventually help in getting sponsorships. When I mention about spending time, I mean you need to give answers to atleast 4 to 5 questions on a regular basis along with providing a relevant link to your blog page. You will be amazed to find the traffic you receive from quora.

Social Media Promotion

There is no doubt that the social media platforms have helped the marketers to grow in an unmatched manner. No longer are the traditional mode of advertisements is preferable, as the digital world requires businesses to go online. Nothing like these platforms can proffer unmatched result when done properly in a very less time.

Take my site as an example where more than 30% of the traffic comes from the social media platforms. Hopefully you can imagine the power of social media promotion.

If the content you are writing is joke related or the latest news, only the social media platforms can help to go viral without even waiting or spending a lot of money.

Are you thinking how to use the social media platforms?

  • Make use of Instagram: Who does not know about Instagram? Today’s world is taken by Instagram and what can be a great and fruitful choice than making use of it in your business advertisement! If you do Instagram in a proper manner you can enjoy a huge count of traffic. If your blog has the factor to grab the attention, you are just on the right platform.
  • Make use of Facebook Profiles and Groups: You can also promote the content making use of the Facebook group or page. Whenever you write content, start sharing them immediately on your profile or Facebook group to attract readers. Make sure you choose groups properly.
  • Make YouTube Videos: I have kept this as the last option as it takes a lot of time and on the other hand, it again has the capacity to attract a large number of readers to your blog post. If you can then convert the content into a video as it has the ability to grab great attention. If you do it consistently, wait for a month and check the result.

Take Interviews

If you have contact with other renowned bloggers in your niche, you can conduct interviews. This is one of the simplest ways of acquiring instant traffic.

Build a List of Email

As a new blogger, most of the bloggers do not pay attention to doing anything else than to write, which is the very first big mistake. You should start building your email list through a lead magnet.

Like me, do not repeat this mistake because having an email list helps in earning a lot of money.

If you ask me now, then I will say that right now I have more than 1000 people and which helps me a lot. Therefore if you want to enjoy having more traffic, do not leave it to tomorrow, rather start it from now.

So these are some of the basic steps of promoting the content in a proper way. If you can seriously do these few, then to my knowledge, within a few months you will get an overwhelming response.

So now that you have known the ways to promote your blog, you should take proper steps to enjoy getting monetized from your effort. Eventually we all need rewards and money is the biggest reward.

Ways to Earn from the Blog

Not only are we do blogging to earn fame but also money. Eventually, money matters a lot, and having a blog that helps you to make money is such a great thing. So what are the different methods available to earn from your blog? If this is the question, then let’s pay attention to finding the answer.

There are several ways:

Ad Networks

Some of the known Ad networks including, Google Adsense, Infolinks, Popads are some of the amazing ways of earning from the blog. This works by showing add on your blogsite.

Being a beginner, this is definitely recommended if you want to earn from your blog.

However, since there was time when Google Adsense got banned therefore I would say you can use this, but do not completely depend on it.

Affiliate Marketing

From the several ways of earning money from the blog, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways. You can use them on your blog to make money.

Even if your blog gets low traffic, the affiliate is one of those very few ways that will still help you to earn from the blog.

Right now, the current market relies on Amazon affiliates. Even bloggers are earning $100,000 from affiliate marketing and therefore you can do it too.


Sponsorship is another great way to earn from the blog. You should know that sponsorship is undeniably a great way but only when your blog gets good traffic, your sponsors will be ready to give sponsorship and invest in your blog.

This is a great way to improve your income. You should also know that the amount offered in the sponsorship program depends a lot on your website reputation and traffic.

Selling Digital Products

Selling your digital products is another way to earn money like eBooks, and courses. If you are great at your genre, you can write an ebook and sell it.

Even when this is one of the choices, it is only recommended to the highly skilled people.

Hopefully, by now you have got the answers about most of the questions. But here is a brief FAQ section for the convenience of the readers.


How much will I have to Invest on Starting a Blog?

To start a blog, you need to buy a domain name and hosting plan that will cost around 7K to 10K ($100 to $400) for one year. It will cost even less if you choose hosting plan for only one month but I will recommend going for the plan with the largest tenure as if you count it helps to save a lot.

Is it a Good Thought to Start a Blog in 2021?

Yes, why not? There is no right time to do something that you love. Moreover, in 2021 people are more into the digital world, and therefore if you have something motivating or attractive, you can share it to gain attention and earn from blogging.

How do Beginners Make Money?

I have already mentioned above that there are different ways to make money from your blog. However, I would recommend you to be patient and initially concentrate on writing informative piece and then engage in using your blog for monetization. As soon as you start getting traffic, use the above mentioned methods like Adsense, Affiliate marketing, sponsorships to get more number of readers.

What is the Ideal Blog Length?

Well, this changes a lot as per the Google update, but if you check, you will find only the lengthy article above 2000 words are raked on the first page. The reason is that the articles are full of information and therefore people mostly check those contents.

That’s all, folks! Now it’s your turn!

Hopefully, this guide provided you the complete information regarding how to start blogging in 2021. And I did not bore you rather have provided you with information.

Trust me guys, just like you, I was also a novice and there was not much information. That is why I shared this complete guide for you. So do not just think, start your blog today.

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