How to Move Files and Folders in DirectAdmin Control Panel

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Are you using the DirectAdmin Control Panel for the first time?

Uploaded a Zip file on your DirectAdmin?

After extracting the Zip files you don’t find any option to move files and folders?

Today, I will show you how you can move files and folders in DirectAdmin easily.

directadmin control panel

Follow the below-mentioned step to step guide to move the files and folders easily.

1. Login with your username and password to DirectAdmin.

directadmin login page

2. Now go to File Manager, you will find this option under the System Info & Files section.

directadmin control panel file manager

3. You are now in the root folder. Open public_html to access your website files and folders. Go to a specific location where you want to move files or folders.

directadmin root folder

4. Now select as many files and folders as you wish to move or copy. Then hit the Clipboard option as shown on the screenshot below. After this action, you will notice a notification below the right-hand corner that your files and folders are added to the Clipboard.

files and folders adding to clipboard

5. Now open your desired folder where you want to move or copy previously selected files and folders.

6. Next go to the bottom section, you will notice a Clipboard Actions option. Click on that and select any one option like Move or Copy. Once you hit Move or Copy, you are done.

directadmin clipboard actions

7. Moving or Copying is now completed successfully. You will notice a successful message shown in the screenshot below.

moving completed in directadmin

Why Choose the DirectAdmin Control Panel

DirectAdmin Control Panel is a powerful and user-friendly web hosting management system.

The DirectAdmin company provides its licensing at a very cost-effective price which is why DrirectAdmin’s popularity increasing day by day.

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