16 Ways to Generate Blog Traffic in 2021

Have you started your blog and seeking promotion, also you certainly need traffic. I understand that getting desirable traffic is a challenge and a huge concern for the new bloggers.

You will be surprised by knowing that there are many bloggers available, who have been working but missing on getting traffic to their blog.

generate more blog traffic

Well! don’t get over-concerned, as you can overcome this with the few magical generating tricks that I will discuss below.

If you apply those ideas to your blog posts, you can generate more traffic in the course of time.

16 Easy Ways to Generate More Blog Traffic

So let’s get started…

1. Understand Your Niche

The first and foremost trick to acquiring constant traffic to your blog post is by understanding the niche. The content you are publishing needs to have a clear vision so that the readers can easily comprehend what they will get from the blog post. Pay more attention to your blog and come up with innovative categories in your niche.

With innovative ideas in your niche, you will witness more readers reaching your blog posts.

2. Post More Blogs

If your main agenda is to increase the blog traffic, you need to post more blog content. Also, you have to work on evergreen content strategies. Several studies have been made, which clearly tells that bloggers who post 16 times in a month increase the chances of generating 3.5 times more traffic compared to others.

It does not mean that you have to make it 16 but what I mean to say is increase your number of blog posts.

generate more blog traffic in 2020

3. Use CTA in Blogs

There are many bloggers who do not encourage readers to comment, share and subscribe to their blog. This is a serious red flag. If you are not doing it, then start doing it from today. Make sure to use a bold call to action, as it is a way of convincing them to take action.

You can ask them to check the recent posts, write comments, share feedback and much more.

4. Strengthen Your Visibility on Social Media

The power of the social media platform is nothing new, and if you want blog traffic, you need to make proper use of it. Create your account on the social media platforms and add your blog link. This way, you can easily get more traffic. Don’t forget to take advantage of the groups and posting your blog link.

5. Do Guest Posting

This is another highly effective trick to increase your blog traffic. Start submitting guest posts to other websites in your niche. Make sure that the guest posting website already receives a lot of traffic.

Don’t forget to write the author’s bio along with adding a link to your recent blog post. It would be great if you write something with a crazy title and on the trendy topic to attract readers. This way, you can get yourself known in your community.

6. Consider Post-Restructuring

You need to be very active with your blog posts. In case you find no comments on your blog, this means no one is reading it. Rather than creating more content, it would be better to restructure the existing posts. 

If you find the bounce rate increase, you certainly need to take it as a serious concern. Here are things that work for me and have decreased the bounce rate are:

  • By making a responsive layout
  • By using readable texts
  • By speeding up the website

7. Ake a Strong SEO

There is no doubt that SEO is one of the most crucial aspects of any website or blog. This is something that ensures getting a better ranking on Google. Therefore when you are looking for constant traffic, a keyword-optimized blog will always receive better traffic.

This will need you to do proper research on the keyword and write a proper meta description and title for the blogs. This can be a great trick.

8. Send Posts to Your Email Subscribers

You need to find a day to send emails. Schedule the emails along with your latest blog posts. You require encouraging the readers on clicking links, reads, and making a comment.

9. Include Links to Your Relevant Post

Interlinking is a great trick to increasing the page views. Try to add internal links on the different parts of the blogs, but make sure that the links are relevant to your topic. Irrelevant links can become a downfall to your blog.

10. Comment on Other Blog Posts

This might not become a source for gaining huge traffic to your website, but this can become a source to get new visitors. The more you comment on other blogs, you will get exposure to a new audience.

11. Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

When you step into this arena, you need to know about the long-tail keywords. Short keywords have more challenges and hence initially going for long-tail keywords can offer better ranking and traffic.

12. Invite Blogger for Guest Blogging

You can accept guest post by inviting other bloggers in your niche. When accept guest posting on your blog, not only this will result in getting content, but also it is a way for cross-promotion. This way it can help to increase your blog traffic.

13. Answer Relevant Questions on Quora

When I talk about “Answering relevant questions”, I mean to answer the question related to your niche. If you can write an answer that people find helpful, you will create a bridge to your blog.

Select questions wisely, especially that have relevance to your recent posts can instantaneously increase traffic. Just make sure you offer a different answer, unique from others.

14. Strategic Pre-Linking

You can mention other’s articles, associated influencers, and brands in the content. This is a huge opportunity for bloggers when it comes to distributing the contents. I do the same in my posts. I add 8 to 12 outbound links and then email them regarding their featured. Later I ask them to share the post, and it will promote them along with my blog as well.

15. Use Facebook Groups

Undoubtedly social media platforms can offer huge in return and certainly, Facebook is one of them. You can acquire a huge number of traffics to your blog, making use of your Facebook page and groups. Start joining a group and continue posting the links to bring traffic to your blog posts.

Remember to join any relevant groups to bring relevant traffic and get profit from blog posts.

16. Add Visual Contents

Don’t forget to include images in your content. When you add relevant images in your content, it automatically tends to increase page views. Also, adding infographics can be a great help in improving the traffic. Check out the free content writing tools for bloggers and content writers to acquire better ideas.

So these are some of the easiest ways of generating relevant blog traffic to your blog. I have picked up 16 most effective ways that ensure consistent and immediate traffic. Again, you need to work hard and follow the step appropriately to get traffic to your blog.

And that’s it! Try the above tricks and let me know which are you going to implement. Best of luck!

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