List of Free Content Writing Tools for Blogger and Content Writer

An engaging post is a combination of great content, amazing images and trendy topics.

Are you dreaming of becoming a blogger like Neil Patel and earning hundreds of dollars every month?

Undoubtedly, it will be an easy YES for all aspiring bloggers like you want to earn in multiple numbers.

But it is not easy at the begging. Content writing career requires lots of patience and hard work.

Beyond everything, it requires innovative ideas and including engaging aspects.

Trust me all the bloggers across the world have made something creative to reach where they are now.

free content writing tool

Want to know how they do it?

They use tools. Yes, Tools will help you to do the same Smart Work.

Why Do You Need Tools for Creating Content?

Tools will help you to take the decision and you can follow industry trends.

For New Ideas

Every time it is not possible to bring new and creative ideas from our minds. This is where content writing tools come in and play a vital role to create unique content. Because content writing is all about creativity.

Once you get some tools and learn how to use them. You can manage to find trending topics, and your job will be much easier.

For Engaging Content

Pages after pages of text content won’t be rewarding unless you add different types of engaging things. Here engaging things refer to infographics, videos, and images.

When it is about creating infographic and images, not always you need to a pro in Photoshop. There are many free infographic and image designing tool that offered predesigned infographics and some readymade images.

Being a blogger or a content writer, your prime motto should be to create error-free content as well. You can use some available tools that will find out the grammatical errors in your writing.

Also, these tools will suggest the best correction option, so you can improve your skill at the same time.

Triggering your customers’ mind in a way that it compels them to come back to your blog or website. Every time is not an easy task.

It requires tons of steps that you need to follow just to make sure that your blog gets the maximum attention from your targeted customers. 

Content Creations Tools Vs Content Marketing Tools

As you are new to this arena, you might get perplexed between the content creation tools and the content marketing tools. These two are a lot different from each other.

As one is meant completely for marketing and another is for creating content. Let me clear your doubt.

What is Content Creation Tools

Content Creation tools are those that help you to craft your trending, in-depth, and appeal content. And it will attract more and more visitors to your blog. This can be done in different ways.

Not necessarily your content has to page after page of words, but it can also include a simple infographic or maybe a video.

As per the stats, 

  • Videos are prone to get more online attention irrespective of the age groups and are studied to get 82% of the online traffic by the year 2021.
  • Content that has images acquire more shares and views than simple text content.
  • Images increase the probability of marketing convert and increase signups by 329% as per the study.
  • Videos boost customer retention and increase the returning rate by up to 60%.

This clearly proves that to create engaging content, you would require content creation tools.

Those are image creation tools, video creation tools, gif creation, infographics, and presentation tools.

What is Content Marketing Tools 

Once you created great content now, you required content marketing tools. These marketing tools will spread your creativity.

While there are several tools available to the market that is meant for marketing.

Each tool is completely different from each other, but their purposes are all the same.

Some of the known content marketing tools include Website analytics tools like Kissmetrics, Webtrends, Mixpanel, Google analytics and a lot more.

Social media analytics tools include Curalate, Social bakers, visible, crowd booster and a lot more. Web analytics tools like Alexa, Compete, and a lot more.

Funnel Analytics tools like InsightSquared, bright funnel and a lot more. SEO analytics tools like SEMRush, MOZ and Ravel tools.

Marketing Automation tools like Genius, Eloqua and a lot more. Personalization tools like Idio, Demandbase, Monetate and a lot more.

Free Content Writing Tools for the New Bloggers and Content Writer

As described earlier, content writing is more than just writing. It requires a number of tools for the new writers and bloggers to ensure the content becomes appealing to the audience.

Most of the new bloggers and writers are unable to understand what needs to be done, where to focus and how to proceed. Since the market is highly competitive, becoming a successful blogger is about patience and hard work.

Not every time will your writing style be the reason for attracting readers, but there is always a need for you to write as per the trend.

If you write something that is not trendy or you can’t solve your visitor problems, then you are just wasting your time.

Now I am going to explore some free tools, by using them, you can easily improve your content quality and can follow the trend and users query. Let’s start.

Free Content Idea Generating Tool

Even when you know that you are capable of writing amazing content, still you should always keep in mind that only problem solving, value-adding and the trendy topic get more audience.

The most challenging thing that every new blogger like you is unable to overcome is finding the right topic. However, with the advent of the content idea generation tools, now you can acquire an idea of what you should write.

No more you need to brainstorm to find the right topic as below mentioned tools will do it for you.

They will let you know the trendy topics around and from which you can create your ideal problem solving and value-adding content that will get amazing traffic.

This is definitely the first one on the list. All established bloggers and content writers are aware of the tool named Google Trends.

As we know the name, Google itself is an emblem of reliability and the best, which makes Google trends one of the finest tools that will let you know about the trending topics.

Once you visit Google Trends, you will yourself understand why it is so much in demand. Just when you drop, it will provide you with insights about the trending topics.

You can choose any topic keeping the agenda the same as the trend.

Besides, if you are willing to write something else but aren’t sure whether it will work or not, you can search on the search console and find in detail.

You will find the graph that will show you the details of this topic over time, along with some ideas on the trending topics.

Google News

One of the most accessing sites of people in India and overseas is Google News. If you are willing to write on the latest news in the market but you are not sure about what the best choice would be, then Google News is the savior.

The best part about Google News is that no matter wherever you are, this tool will curate it and tell you about the trending news in your area and targeted niche.

Well, you also have the freedom to access world news as well.

As writers, we always prefer to stick to our genre, whether it is sports, entertainment, business, science, or other, we are comfortable in our chosen genre.

To all of the writers, Google News will also curate the news as per your chosen genre so that you can write on the topic you are comfortable at and improve the chance of acquiring more and more website visitors.

Content Idea Generator

This is another amazing free content idea-generating tool that can offer you with great information. It can be handy for new bloggers to get some engaging topics.

It will offer you a worthy blog title that will draw the attention of hundreds of readers.

Once you fill in the details asked by the tools and click on generate, immediately you will be provided with hundreds of ideas.

You can choose as per your choice, but it is always recommended to choose something that relevant to your niche blog.

I think you and all the new bloggers will agree to the point that generating fresh content ideas is one of the most challenging things.

If you have been blogging for a year, you sure have taken this challenge, however, it has been eased now by the content idea generation tools.

Free Infographic Creation Tool

Why make it monotonous for your reader by writing only text contents when you have the freedom to access the free infographic tools.

Infographics are an ideal way to convert masses of information into an easy reading visual.

If you don’t know, then you will be surprised that infographics can increase the willingness to read your blog to 80% as our brain is attracted to such images and information quicker.

When you have the choice, then why not use it and compel the readers to come back to your blog?

If you are thinking that you need to pay for the tools, trust me, you don’t have to. 

Surprised? Yes, there are free infographic designing tools that can help you to put your information into visual and let the reader come back to you every time they are hungry for information.


As Visme’s tagline says, “Speak Loudly, Speak visually”. This is the place for writers who are willing to create infographics online without paying anything.

They have some of the amazing designs that will help you to create a powerful story into a visual informative story that would compel the reader to take a look at it.

They have some of the remarkable designs that will help to create your stories or boring data into a great and attractive infographic.

Therefore, if you want to engage your readers, you need to speak loudly and speak visually with Visme.


Easelly is the infographic maker present online that can help you to transform any type of content into a visually appealing one. With this tool, you can

  • make reports that will compel readers to read
  • spice up the boring presentation
  • help the reader to comprehend the product you are trying to sell or information you want to share

Infographic is not about making the content look nice, but it is for getting amazing results within the least possible time. Let’s get more shares.


This is another amazing infographic creation tool that can transform any data into visually appealing content. With Venngage, you can create infographics in just three steps.

All you need is to choose a template from the many choices created by the professionals, add visuals and charts, customize your design with the unique fonts and colours and your infographic is ready.

Not everyone is a designer, and hence Venngage is the best infographic tool that will aid in creating appealing infographics which can be customized in just a few clicks.

Therefore, to make your readers crave new content, consider making appealing infographics with lots of infographics.

So, create content that will reach the maximum number of readers. And consider moving away from conventional content creation.

Free Image Creation Tool

As early I mentioned, not all of us is a graphic designer, so does that mean we will compromise on our blog post by not including images?

No, as nowadays, there are several free image creation tools that can aid in creating some of the high-end images.

Images are important for any kind of content posting because it makes your content more useful.

You will require including an image in every post. Hopefully, you are aware of how an image can increase the chances of engagement in every post.

Images are an engaging way to attract reads. This is the simplest way to communicate with your readers and invoke emotion.

It has been studied that images help in getting more shares, traffic, and likes from social media. So, now we will learn where we can create images for our content for free.


When it comes to creating some of the outstanding designs, you don’t have to spend hours or contact a graphic designer, as Canva is here to fulfill your requirements.

This is certainly a place for bloggers who do not have knowledge of graphic design.

Canva has been integrated with some of the amazing features which are very easy to use and run.

All designs are made by the professional designer and hence offers great in return.

You can customize your designs making use of the photos, and fonts with drag and drop mechanism.

You can do anything with Canva, which includes:

  • Straightening or tilting your photo
  • Image cropper
  • Add text and use any layouts
  • Bubble maker with multiple designs
  • Fading or transparent features
  • Enhance your photos
  • Add artistry to your images
  • Design grids
  • Add icons
  • Use photo frame and stickers

With so many amazing features, you get the freedom to design your image just the way you like to make it apt for your blog post.


This is another great image-making tool for blogs and social media. This graphic designing tool does not require you to be a pro as anyone can handle this tool.

Especially for the bloggers who want to include great pictures, this tool can be a good inclusion for them.

The stencil has been integrated with a range of features that make it a good choice for people. It has more than 2000000 photos from where you can choose one as per your needs.

These are ready to use with few clicks and which helps you to create an image within a few minutes.

This tool has been integrated with a range of features like:

  • Designed for speed
  • Simple in usage
  • Always enhancing
  • High-resolution pictures
  • Customize the size
  • Share faster
  • Schedule your images
  • Customize using any template, font or logos.

This tool has been integrated with a range of features just to make sure you are able to create some of the high-end images for your blog post.


With Bannersnack, you can easily create animated or static visuals for your content.

Staring from customizing the size to standard layout design to adding the background to annotating the text to shapes to filling with different colors, this tool ensures creating some of the amazing banners without the designing skill.

You can do it within a few minutes.

This tool has been integrated with a range of features along with easy to use, ensures to create the image or banner just the way you like.

Even when you do not have much knowledge of designing, this website will aid in creating a banner of different sizes and colors.

Some of the amazing features include:

  • Select any size that you want
  • Range of templates for designing the images
  • Add test and assets as per your needs
  • Unlimited sets of banner
  • Animated banners
  • Range of Google fonts

With all of the amazing features integrated into one tool, Bannersnack becomes a great choice for bloggers when it comes to creating stunning and responding images.

Free Stock Photo for Content

Don’t worry, not every blogger has the efficacy to design a great image, and it’s not mandatory to be a designer?

Sometimes, even when you have the skill, you may run out of time to create one image using the tools.

Hence using the readymade image source makes it easier. So, the stock photos tend to be a great choice for you.

Stock photos are those images that are already created or photographed. You can make use of these images and include them in your blog to make it look just the way you want.

No need to have the skill and no more you need to spend time as stock photos can fulfill your requirements.

If you are thinking where you will get such stock images, then let me share some stock photos websites name to you.


Pexels is one of the stock images websites that offer hundreds of free stock photos. With millions of creators from the different corners of the world, Pexels has become successful in offering some stunning designs and photography.

They aim to offer free stick high-quality photos that have the Pexels license. The photos available here are properly tagged, easily discovered and searchable.

From the hundreds and thousands of free stock photos being added, you get the freedom of choice as per your requirement.

The photos are handpicked by the team, and only the selected are uploaded for use.


When it comes to getting free stock photos for your blog post, Unsplash is definitely a great choice.

You will never run out of choices when you go to Unsplash. With more than 1 million high-resolution pictures, Unsplash has become the final name for several bloggers.

They have different categories for different genres and hence choosing becomes much easier for you.

They have a gigantic community of professional photographers to offer different types of images.

This free stock image site is definitely a choice for people who are unable to find creative and HD images.


Depositphotos is the platform which brings high-quality graphics, vectors, videos, and stock photos.

With the talented professionals coming from different parts of the globe along with the technical solutions, this has become the ideal place for bending business with creativity.

With the many categories offered here, it becomes way much easier to choose a photo for your purpose. You will not feel the need of designing anymore with the Depositphotos.

Compromising with your blog posting is never a great choice. Hence nothing like the stock photos can help you.

When you do not have the time and knowledge of creating an ideal image for your purpose.

Free Online Grammar Checking Website

Say No to Grammatical Errors! When developing content, making a grammatical mistake is a bad mark for our reputation.

However, not every time it is possible to check each and every sentence while writing a huge blog. Also, while working, sometimes, we tend to forget checking the grammars.

This is when you need the grammar checking software.

I am going to share some website names that come with amazing features. These tools will helps in checking the grammatical errors.

These tools have the efficacy to find even the slightest of error just to make sure your readers stay impressed with your content.

So let’s have a look at those tools that you can use.


Grammarly goes by the tagline that everyone can become a great writer. This is one of the known partners of the writers.

This tool has been designed in such a way that it is able to find out the errors and make corrections in your content.

Grammarly will take care of upholding your reputation with their support. Not only grammar but also the spelling and tone can be corrected with this tool.

It helps in eliminating errors and helps you in creating perfect words. Just by paying a minimal amount, this tool is able to provide you with some of the amazing features which become helpful for you. 

What else can Grammarly do for you?

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Formality
  • Vocabulary

With the rage of features integrated into this tool, Grammarly ensures taking complete care of your document.

Whether it is a document, email, or even the social media post, Grammarly ensures maintaining your reputation by suggesting the best suitable words.

ProWriting Aid

Just to make sure that you can improve your writing style and ensure no grammatical error ProWriting Aid has been created.

This tool can improve your writing style and erase any type of flaws that your document might have.

With their amazing team of working in different fields of writing technology and natural language processing, this tool aids in paving the paths of several writers across the world.

They have been consistently working with the only agenda to make life much easier for writers like you.

Integrating with some amazing features this tool is certainly going to become a great help for you.

Features of ProWriting Aid:

  • Offering in-depth reports to the writers, which includes: Style, Overused, ClichĂ©s, Sticky, Length, Pronoun, Thesaurus, and Plagiarism
  • Support for Windows and Mac system
  • Better integration for saving your valuable time
  • Thesaurus report to use better words
  • Exploring words
  • Grammar checking
  • Detailed explanations on an appropriate sentence
  • Checking repeated words
  • Style suggestions

With so many features inbuilt in the tool, it becomes way much easier for you to actually able to write great, error-free readable content.

Ginger Software

Ginger software enables you to write with complete confidence. This allows you to write in its place so that you will be able to correct simultaneously.

Any type of grammatical mistakes starting from its structure to the punctuation to the style, Ginger software will take proper care of everything.

This way, it actually boosts the productivity of your content.

Features of Ginger Software:

  • Emoji to express yourself in a better manner
  • Grammar checker
  • Dictionary
  • Text reader
  • Sentence rephrase
  • Word prediction
  • Personal trainer
  • Translator

With so many amazing and unique features Ginger Software enable new writers to write peacefully without the need for thinking about content quality.

These grammar checkers will certainly be a great addition if you are a new blogger and have just arrived in the market.

Bottom Line

The initial days of the new bloggers are always hard. So, you may need to face the challenges but also unable to decide how and where to start.

Starting from deciding a topic to writing about it to use videos and photos to make sure it’s error-free, it is a lot of hard work.

Nothing can ease the work that needs to be done but definitely with the help of the above-mentioned tools available online can aid in creating great and meaningful content.

So make sure you use the above tools to be a successful blogger.

Writing great content lies in your creativity but making it engaging requires making use of tools.

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