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easy pro funnels v2 review

Every business wishes to improve its customer base, stay ahead of every competition, get into the broader spectrum, and create an unbreakable reputation, but it requires reaching customers or in digital terms getting quality leads that can increase the business revenue.

Trust me even the biggest organizations have the same demand.

The answer lies with Easy Pro Funnels V2. This is something that can build great affiliate promotional funnels in the simplest and fastest manner.

This web-based software can become the best partner for you or for your business if you are willing to become successful.

Easy Pro Funnels V2 Review – Overview

  • Vendor – Matt Garrett
  • Product – Easy Pro Funnels V2
  • Staring Price – $27
  • Launch Date – 28th May 2020
  • Niche – Affiliate Marketing
  • Official Website – https://easyprofunnels.com/
  • Guarantee – 30 days money back
  • Recommended – Highly Recommended
  • Bonus – Yes, Have from my side.

About Matt Garrett

Matt Garrett might be a common name for the affiliate marketers who have been working on this platform for the last few years. He has been working online for more than 10 years now which has helped him to create web-based software.

He has worked both as a product vendor along as an affiliate which enables him to understand the need for affiliate marketers.

Working as an affiliate for a long time which is still a big part of the business models he comprehends that it is the easiest way to get results from internet marketing.

However, due to the growth in online marketing getting success seems like a far-fetched approach. With the Easy Pro Funnel V2 Creation, marketing has become a lot easier and more rewarding.

So, let us get to know in detail about the Easy Pro Funnel V2.

What is Easy Pro Funnel V2?

Easy Pro Funnel V2 is a web-based software that offers the simplest and fastest way to develop great affiliate promotional funnels, generate quality leads, and convert most into potential customers thereby helping to earn great revenue.

No more what niche your business belongs to, as long as you want to get success in affiliate marketing and get the most out of it, this is the simplest and easiest funnel builder.

It has been designed in a way that it can create apt affiliate funnels, which again becomes helpful in getting more conversions and sales.

I would definitely recommend this to every affiliate marketer or business who wants to achieve success by grabbing the attention of the customers.

Yes, you can find visible results faster and in the simplest way.

Before making a purchase you would definitely want to know the benefits in detail. Indeed! Everyone will.

What are the Benefits of Easy Pro Funnels V2?

In a very simple way, I would like to say that it is the solution to any difficulties that you were facing while affiliate marketing and certainly offers endless possibilities to businesses.

Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly a big challenge for marketers. Professionals face tons of challenges that Matt Garrett has mentioned.

why use easy pro funnels v2

Most affiliate marketers go through these challenges. Since Matt Garrett is someone who has been into affiliate marketing, he has been able to come up with such a spectacular product.

If you have been struggling with any of these problems which are keeping your feet back even when the fault is not yours, you now have the solution to your problems.

No doubt that a successful business requires overcoming the hurdles that come to you. It is about time, effort, training, complex setups, buying tons of tools, and much more.

There are so many things that sometimes become scary to people. Sometimes it also keeps the marketers step back as watching everything from far seems impossible.

Easy Pro Funnel V2 is the answer to all the questions. So, instead of taking your step back, you need this web-based software to make a successful business or become a renowned marketer.

  • It eradicates the barriers that come in the way to success.
  • It enables you to start earning money online from today.
  • It can create a campaign within a few minutes.
  • It does not require any technical skills.
  • It has multiple templates which cover most of the niches.
  • It is a one-stop solution for every need associated with affiliate marketing.
  • This software includes everything that is required for becoming a known internet marketer.

The biggest benefit of all is that you will not require:

more benefits of Easy Pro Funnels V2

Who can enjoy the benefits of Easy Pro Funnels V2?

Affiliate marketers can certainly enjoy the many benefits of this. The many challenges that marketers face when it comes to making a successful business can be easily eliminated with this.

With the Easy Pro Funnels V2, things get a lot easier, take less time, require less effort, eliminate the need for complex setup, and lastly transform impossible to possible.

Even when you have zero technical knowledge, this software will not give you a hard time as it has a one-click selection procedure. With just a click, you can get affiliate products and free offers.

You can easily build marketing pages for digital products or PLR products in just a few clicks.

So it is an opportunity for affiliate marketers to take this opportunity and become popular affiliate marketers.

How does it work?

Easy Pro Funnels V2 or EPF V2 is just the way it sounds. This is extremely easy to use and offers you professional results. It has almost everything that a marketer requires for promoting their business.

Whether you want to build the sales funnels to promote affiliate products, offer free things or bonuses or build an email subscribers list – it has everything.

It ensures taking care of everything in just a few clicks.

So if you are thinking about how this works, then hopefully this will become helpful.

In this section, you will get surprised to find how easily and how fast you can create your custom affiliate campaign.

Step 1: Initially you need to enter the “Getting Started” Page

getting started page of easy pro funnels

Step 2: Once you have entered the page, you need to fill up the subject or niche as per your choice. Here let’s choose “Internet Marketing

Step 3: Once you click on “Get Started,” it will immediately open up a new page from where you can create your campaign.

Step 4: The very first thing that you can find is the funnel name, which we will skip and go into the next step “Select Affiliate Product.” When you click on the Select Affiliate Product, you can find several options popping up on your screen. Here let’s choose the “Free Traffic System.”

Step 5: As soon as you click, it will immediately take you to the next page where it will automatically pull the snapshot and the landing page on the right-hand side.

Step 6: Once you have added the affiliate product, the next thing you have to do is to add a free product.

Step 7: Once you click on the “Select Free Product,” you can find a pop-up with several options. Choose anything of your choice and here, for example, let’s choose “Internet Marketing.”

Step 8: Once you click, you will find several options. Let’s choose “Full Proof Clickbank Mindset.”

Step 9: Once you click, you will find the visual of your campaign. On the left, you can find your free product and paid product on the right. If you are willing to change the free product, all you need is to click on the product and it will immediately reopen the product from where you can choose.

Step 10: Now let’s check the “Select Lead Magnet Template” which will actually change the looks of the landing page. Since it is about money-making, let’s change the template.

Step 11: It immediately changes the visuals.

Step 12: Next we will take a look at the “Paste your HTML or Javascript Web Form Below.” If you don’t want to add, it is up to you but it will not collect any email.

However, it is highly recommended to add. Here we will just copy the Javascript snippet which you can copy from your website. Once you paste it, you can immediately find the form section at the footer section of the landing page.

Step 13: Next you have to fill up the next section named “Contact/Privacy Policy/Disclaimer/Customization.” You have to fill the “Call to Action” along with the “Tagline” Section as well.

Step 14: Make sure you write a Funnel name before clicking on “Click to Create Funnel.” Once you click it, you will immediately be redirected to the next page.

Step 15: You can “Test Registration Page” and “Test Thank you Page” to have a look at the final look of the page. From the Thank You Page, you can find “Access Your Offer” which you can click to find the offer and the free gift.

If you don’t click the buttons, then by default after a few seconds you will be redirected to the Affiliate offer page.

Step 16: You can also access other options.

Step 17: Now you can upload the funnel and promote it with the URL provided.

So this is how simple it is to create a funnel or an affiliate campaign. You can also use the social links provided down to promote it.

You can also check this video to know in detail:

So now that you have checked the way to create a funnel or an affiliate campaign, you will be eager to know the features available in this.

Features of Easy Pro Funnels V2

This new EPF V2 comes with tones to features which again become a lot helpful for the affiliate marketers.

  • WYSIWYG built landing pages.
  • You will get free cloud hosting.
  • Promote affiliate products automatically.
  • All products are high converting.
  • You have the freedom to use free products.
  • Discount coupons are available to increase sales.
  • With free giveaway offers you can build your list easily.
  • You can get access to thousands of affiliate products with just a click.
  • You have permission to download EPF and host it on your website.
  • You can choose custom funnels and landing pages.
  • You can easily get many free products for bonuses and lead magnets.
  • Test your affiliate in just a click.
  • You can easily add affiliate products and promote them from any network of your choice like Warrior Plus, Jvzoo, or Clickbank.

These many features available in this software make it even more effective and great for your affiliate marketing.

Easy Pro Funnels V2 PROS

  • You can use free products to attract new subscribers
  • You can choose a landing page template of your choice
  • You can promote as many affiliate products as you wish
  • You can customize the landing page
  • You can offer free products or offers
  • You can get access to everything with just a click
  • Your landing pages will load at a huge speed
  • The pages are responsive
  • You don’t need any technical knowledge for this
  • Anyone can use this platform to promote their affiliate products

Easy Pro Funnels V2 CONS

I personally did not find anything negative about the product.

Is There any Upsells Or OTOs?

Easy Pro Funnels V2 – $17

Easy Pro Funnels V2 Campaign Packs – $27

Easy Pro Reviews And Webinars OTO – $47

Easy Pro Funnels oto3 Packs – $47

General FAQ

Will I get pre-built templates or do I need to design the templates?

You don’t have to make any additional effort, as there are several templates available in the software. These are designed as per the niche which makes it easier for the marketers.

I am not technically savvy, can I still access this product?

The software has been built with the sole purpose to fulfill the needs of every affiliate marketer. It does not need you to have knowledge of coding or any language as everything is done to make it both simple and fast.

After creating the affiliate campaign can I share it on my social channels?

Yes, you have the freedom to share it within your channels. The lists of social channels are being provided in the software itself. All you need is to click and directly it will redirect to your social profile. Besides, you can also share it on your website to reach your visitors.

Will I get SEO training?

Yes, they include traffic guidance and training which also comprises SEO training. It makes it a great choice for people to learn and work.

What if after working I don’t find it effective?

They are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee with the product. After working with it for 30 days, if you don’t find it great for your purpose or the software is not able to stand on your expectations, you can easily ask for a refund.

What is so unique about it?

This software is developed to make things easier for affiliate marketers. You can create promotional campaigns without spending much time and with put the need for having technical knowledge. This eventually helps to get more conversions and generate more sales revenue from your campaign.

My Verdict

I would love to say that this is one of the few software available in the market that has moved me. I know how hard affiliate marketing is but the EPF V2 has made it simplest in an unbelievable manner.

No need for investing time, effort, and lots of money in the tools, instead buy this product and enjoy the many advantages of this software.

I am sure that just like me, you will love this product. The concept behind the product is totally justified as it is simple and ensures success.

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