CloudFunnels Review + Get Up to 70% Verified Discount – All in One Sales Funnel Builder You Should Try

Hello! welcome to my CloudFunnels Review.

Are you selling or want to sell your products, digital goods or courses in online?

Then you certainly need three things to become successful in online marketing.

1) A Sales Funnel – which will showcase your product 2) Memberships System – through membership subscription you can sell additional products to your existing customer and 3) Maintain a relationship with your customer through email.

funnel membership email marketing

Today, I want to introduce a perfectly affordable and easy to create online sales funnel builder which is Cloud Funnels. It will cover all the above three requirements and allow you to keep all profits. Because CloudFunnels charge only one time.

So, now you don’t have to pay month to month fees to any different or alternatives sales funnel builders.

Run unlimited and any type of campaigning without paying monthly cost.

The Cloud Funnels can help you create powerful sales funnels, webinars funnel, landing pages & email marketing campaigns, and much more.

Let’s read my complete CloudFunnels review below for more details.

grow faster and generate more profits with cloudfunnels

CloudFunnels Review


Sudesh Roul

CloudFunnels logo
CloudFunnels is a self-hosted funnel builder the first time ever made for every marketer. It’s has everything to create a successful online business.
Create powerful sales funnels
Memberships system
Landing pages
Email marketing campaigns
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Cloud Funnels is all-in-one sales funnel software every marketer needs. It allows you to create powerful sales funnels, membership systems, landing pages, and email marketing campaigns on your own server.

Your investment is 100% risk-free as CloudFunnels offering 30 days money-back guarantee. No Questions Asked! You’ve got nothing to lose with CloudFunnels. Try It Now!


CloudFunnels Discount Coupon Code – June 2021

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Who Created the CloudFunnels?

Before starting this CloudFunnels review, let me introduce its creator. CloudFunnels has been created by Cyril “Jeet” Gupta who is an experienced software product creator for more than 20 years.

This sales funnel creator is aimed to guide entrepreneurs, solo business owners, and also online business providers to build their website online and influence the buying decisions of the online customers.

He believes online marketing success depends on three major aspects:

  • Creating membership & building profits further
  • Creating the best sales funnels builder & maximizing customer value
  • Boost the relationship with the customers using email & profit forever
CloudFunnels creator cyril jeet gupta

I was truly impressed with his Cloud Funnels software and sales funnel builder idea. This is complete software and so affordable that I cannot stop myself to study and implement it further.

What can You Create with the CloudFunnels?

You can create any type of funnels with this unique sales funnel software. Those are include…

  • Sales funnels
  • Affiliate sites
  • Landing pages
  • Auto webinars
  • Corporate sites
  • Opt-In funnels
  • Lead-grab pages and more…
create any type of funnels and membership

Who can Benefit from the Cloud Funnels?

The CloudFunnels is an absolute miracle for the online industry as it keeps the website, landing pages or sales funnel free from hacks, and lets you open and host to the website or Funnel yourself.

It also lets you scale your business to maximum profits by giving you unlimited leads.

  • Solopreneurs
  • Website owners
  • Online educators
  • Digital marketers
  • Online service providers
  • eCommerce store owners
  • Entrepreneurs with unique business ideas
  • Anyone trying to bring their business online

Hope you are in above list. Great!

stop limiting your business growth

Benefits of CloudFunnels – The Self-Hosted Sales Funnel Builder

In this CloudFunnels review, section let’s look into its features. Cloud Funnels is the first-ever self-hosted sales funnel builder you can own. You can download Cloud Funnels and host it anywhere you want.

CloudFunnels will help you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Shared hosting space
  • Your VPS
  • Your dedicated server
  • Google App Engine
  • Digital-ocean, Amazon
  • Hostgator, Godaddy, or any similar service.
  • Safe and hack free funnel
  • Affordable rates
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Comes Funnel training videos and tutorials
  • Easy to use layered interface
  • Chances to attract organic traffic
  • Multi-user support

Do not know much about Sales Funnel Builder?

The CloudFunnels tutorial well gets you covered with their Complete CloudFunnels training covering funnel basics and funnel secrets.

How does this Sales Funnel Builder Work?

The CloudFunnels can be installed anywhere, thus making your works easier. You can install in any severe including…

  • AWS
  • Your own server
  • Google cloud

Have a Look into the FEATURES of CloudFunnels

  • GDPR Support
  • Support for Zapier
  • Support for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Inbuilt support from PayPal JVzoo, WarriorPlus
  • Cloud & Server support + support for Google AppEngine
  • Inbuilt Autoresponder + Support for major autoresponders
  • Sales and leads analytics to help you keep track of your business.
  • Cloud Funnels, a sale funnel builder comes with the SEO features to rank faster
  • Dozens of readymade funnel templates which you can easily modify
  • Integrates with all SMTPs to send transactional and marketing emails
  • Easy to use, WYSIWYG Page Builder helps to add beautiful and customized graphics.
  • Integration available with Facebook, Pixel, Google Pixel, Google analytics, Heat-maps
  • Comes with a page cloner which will help you to duplicate any page or funnel online with just a click.
  • A/B & Split Testing for easy traffic measurement through two landing pages and check which one is converting better.
  • Inbuilt Email Autoresponder with Transactional emails (forget password, sign-in, etc), Mail sequences, Marketing mailouts
cloudfunnels features

CloudFunnels Review Pros & Cons

This revolutionary sales funnel builder has so many pros. Let’s discuss in this section of the CloudFunnels review.

CloudFunnels Pros

The enormous features of CloudFunnels and the affordable rates which come to only $2 per month have a lot of benefits with zero cons. Let me list a few of the pros for you:

CloudFunnels Pros
  • Ease the Sales Funnel creation to level 1
  • The easy funnel building interface is compared to WordPress CMS
  • On-page SEO factor can bring your site to top ranking in search engines
  • Cloud Funnel can be installed in your preferred sub-domains and subfolders
  • No fear of hacking which makes your hard work easy to showcase with the fear of getting stolen
  • This product has the finest reviews and testimonials from top marketers and business owners
  • Those who have no idea about the sales funnel can easily train themselves with the help of the tutorials
  • 24*7 chat support and online assistance. Therefore, in case of any kind of problems, you can easily get support
  • The membership system and the email auto-responder will surely decrease your burden to reply to the customers
cloudfunnels beta review

CloudFunnels Cons

The unlimited benefits have let me no scope to find a single con of CloudFunnels, well in case you want me to find the disadvantages, leave a comment below, I will try hard to bring a disadvantage for you.

CloudFunnels Review – Upgrades and One Time Offer

CloudFunnels offer 4 Upgrades and OTOs. Those, One Time Offer (OTOs) has significant features.

I am attaching a screenshot below where you can easily get the benefits of the packages, and certainly, it will help you to make decisions better.

cloudfunnels price plan and otos details

Cloud Funnels Pro Upgrade

If you buy this CloudFunnels Pro Upgrade package you will get pro-level features. Those are…

  • Free upgrade for 2 years
  • Payment network support

$47 Monthly

$97 Yearly

  • Will support multi-sites and multi-pages funnel

CloudFunnels Agency – $117 and $127

If you buy CloudFunnels Agency then can sell it to your customers. So you can make more money with this agency package.

CloudFunnels Template Club – $20 per month

This CloudFunnels template club is suitable for any marketing agency. If you managing client projects and you need a new funnel template each month for various niches. Then you should consider this amazing offer. You will get 4 brand new funnel templates each month.

Stockbin – $37

This is another amazing offer from CloudFunnels. This package allows you to access 100K+ images, videos, icons, and audio assets from stock websites. So you can create any content applying these free assets to make your sales funnel unique.

Best Cloud Funnels Plan to Try

The Cloud Funnels come in several packages. As I discuss earlier all of them for your better understanding. Let me recap once again.

CloudFunnels Review – My Verdict

I am a marketer myself and I believe to be successful in an online business you must have a pre-planned attractive marketing strategy and a sales funnel.

A grotesquely planned marketing strategy can never give your profits or increase your sales. So, plan your marketing strategy and apply with this sales funnel software to bring changes in your business.

CloudFunnels allows setting a stage for a constant flow of sales, and in turn, grow your leads and conversions for a better ROI.

Over the weeks, you can easily send some tips, tricks, freebies, or discounts through the Cloud Funnels email marketing funnel and keep increasing your productivity. I will give Cloud Funnels 5 out of 5 ratings.

Few General FAQs

Will I have to pay again?

No – This is a one-time investment and you will get a year upgrade if you buy Cloud Funnels software.

Is there any Alternatives to Cloud Funnels?

No – you will not find any alternatives to Cloud Funnels. Because it changes only one time when other sale funnel builders are charge you monthly basis. So, don’t waste your time after reading this CloudFunnels Review buy it now through any of link given in this post.

May I Use Cloud Funnels for My Client’s Campaign?

Yes, you can. To do so buy Cloud Funnels Agency package.

Where I can Host CloudFunnels Software?

As Cloud Funnels is a self-hosted sales funnels builders, You can host it on your own server – It means if you have a cPanel hosting from any following hosting provider including A2 Hosting, BlueHost, and others.

On the other hand, it could be hosted on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

What is a Sales Funnel?

If you are not much aware of the term sales funnel, let me first make the term clear to you.

The Sales Funnel is the name given for the route the website visitor takes to reach the final destination.  i.e: purchasing products or services.

The sales funnel has several phases where the marketers move their buyers further and further towards the bottom of the funnel and encourage or motivate them into taking the final decision and purchasing the product.

Thus, converting the traffic into a final lead!

sales funnel example
Image credit: Image taken from Bright Online future

What are the Basic Stages of a Sales Funnel?

  • Awareness: Get aware or update about the launch of a current product.
  • Interest: Customers in need of that product or service will take interest and subscribe to the email list.
  • Decision Making: If you have attractive offers or if they find the product or service relevant they will purchase the product or services.
  • Action: Potential customers in this stage make the purchase and become your actual customer.

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