Top 5 Trusted Women Safety Apps in India

In India, women’s safety has always been a debatable fact. With the rising crime rate at a rapid pace, women’s safety has become a top priority these days. From the cases of rapes, molestation to sexual abuse and kidnapping, this list is growing with many cases increasing, each passing day. In accordance with a report given by the National Crime Records Bureau, from 2011 to 2015, these crimes against women of our country increased from 41.7% to 53.9% with Delhi ruling the list. In 2015, according to the report of Delhi UT, the highest crime rate of 184.3% in comparison with 56.3% at total India level followed by West Bengal (73.4%), Haryana (75.7%), Rajasthan (81.5%), Orissa (81.9%), Telangana (83.1%), and Assam (148.2%).


This information states how horrified the situation is everywhere in our country. Undoubtedly, the Government is taking steps on lowering all criminal cases against women and has already worked on overcoming that. However, when it comes to application, it takes many years in growing these measures properly. And in case a case reaches the court, you need to add some more years to get justice.

Technology has lowered the complications of life and has offered a great strength to people by enabling everything within the control of their hand. Virtually, with just a click you can connect with other persons near you. Your companions can reach you with ease from any place across the globe. According to this, the India Government is continuously working to offer all services to people simply within their utilizing various platforms. In fact, this approach has been fuelled further by the Digital India initiative.

Attacks on women can happen any time and even extremely safe cities are also not secure any longer. However, there is still a ray of hope. At every unlucky period, a smartphone can be your best companion. Packed with women safety apps, the smartphone can help you send emergency alerts to selected people and also help people know about your precise location in case anything goes bad.

Here in this article, we will discuss different free safety apps for women which are available on Android devices so the women won’t feel unsafe and alone whenever they go outside.

Android Safety Apps for Smartphones

In an unfortunate situation, nobody gets time to unlock her phone, dial the numbers and speak to a relative. Possibly, the phone is snatched away or you may be unaware of your location too. Since Android is the most extensively used OS, below find a list of free Android safety apps you should install on your smartphone. Sadly, in case you encounter such a situation, use the apps mentioned below and hopefully your savior companions find you timely.

1. Himmat

Himmat is one of the free personal safety apps suggested for women by the Delhi Police. To use the app, a user needs to sign up at the website of Delhi Police. Once the registration is done, she will get an OTP that needs to be entered during completion of the app configuration. In an unfortunate situation, in case the user introduces the SOS alert from the application, the audio, video, and location details will be transmitted to the Delhi Police control room directly following which the police force will reach the place.

2. My Safetipin: Personal Safety & Women Safety App

This is one of the highly helpful map-based free safety apps for smartphones which make the navigation simple and secure. It typically rates the location’s safety – amber pin on the map signifies a less safe area, the green shade is for the safe area, and red pin on the Google Map signifies an unsafe location. Moreover, it tells regarding the availability of public transportation in the location, if there is a pharmacy, a police station, or an ATM nearby, how gathered the area is, also sharing the real-time location through GPS tracking with your own kin. In addition to this, it also enables users to pin all unsafe areas to help others. This app is available in 3 different languages: Spanish, Hindi and English.

3. bSafe – Personal Safety App

bSafe is one of the best personal safety apps available on Android devices which enable users to set up their personal and social security networks of colleagues, relatives, and friends. This app boasts a live GPS tracking strategy through which all contact numbers can trace the movement of the user wherever she is. Moreover, it features an automatic alarm named TimerMode which will trigger in case the user doesn’t check in time. Also, the user can make her phone ring itself with the use of the Fake Call feature in which she is also able to define the caller’s identity. In addition, this app contains a Guardian Alert Button which promises to alert the contacts regarding the user’s location and send the video of the present condition to them.

4. Raksha, A Women’s Safety App

This app is developed to make sure that all women stay always safe. The app features a button that sends alerts to all loved ones with the location in a distressed situation. You can choose the contacts of persons who can see your location. In addition, in case the app is turned off and is not functioning, also then you can send alerts by just pressing the volume button for only 3 seconds. This app is packed with SOS functionality and can send SMS in case you are stuck in a non-internet area.

5. Women Safety

The last on our list of safety apps for smartphones is the Women Safety app which informs and updates your loved ones in case you are stuck in a place that’s not secure. It sends all information associated with your location with only a click of a button. The application sends an SMS to a pre-configured contact number alongside a link of Google Map and your location. It also clicks 2 images with the rear and front camera that are uploaded directly to the server. This personal safety app contains 3 coloured buttons depending on the situation’s seriousness. Hence, you can click the one you want based on your condition.

Aside from the aforementioned apps, you should have other immediate safety measures like stun guns or pepper spray handy. You should avoid traveling alone particularly during the dark, stay vigilant and keep your relatives informed and updated regarding your location.

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