The Ultimate Guide to Start a Photography Career in India (Part-II)

This is the final part of this blog where we would discuss some more sections as promised in the Part-1. Let’s read on:

Top Photography Career Choices

Below are the top photography career options you can go for:

cameras for beginners
Cameras for Beginners
  • Photojournalists/Press Photographers – A Photojournalist delivers photographs to the global and national press. For this career role, you should have capabilities of photographing all types of newsworthy places, people, community events, journals, newspapers, magazines, sports, political events, or TV.
  • Industrial (Commercial) Photographers – In this career role, you need to take photos of interiors and exteriors of factories, merchandise, and both indoor and outdoor machinery which are used for annual reports, company brochures, and in marketing and selling.
  • Feature Photographers – This role involves detailing a story through pictures. Feature photographers specialize in sports, travel, wildlife, and nature photography.
  • Advertising Photographers – These photographers are associated with the photographic departments of photographic studios and advertising firms. This is probably the best paid and most competitive sector.
  • Portrait and Event Photographers – In this role, you can take photos of people or small groups, dealing with subjects like kids, pets, weddings, families, sports activities, functions, and social clubs.
  • Scientific Photographers – These photographers have extra knowledge in areas like chemistry, biology, medicine, or engineering. This career role provides with different work in terms of projects.
  • Fashion Photographers – This arena involves fashion photography by well-equipped and sophisticated studios by freelancers who get commissions from advertising firms or fashion houses.
  • Freelance Photographers – Freelancing has been the most famous photography career option. If you want to be a self-employed photographer, you should have business management skills. In any of the aforementioned fields, you can do freelancing.

Salary in Photography Career

Magazine photographers and high fashion photographers tend to earn more money than catalog photographers. However, a catalog photographer receives a monthly salary and enjoys paid holidays as well.

In India, in case you start as an assistant to a senior photographer, you would get a salary of INR 36,000 to INR 72,000 every year. Nevertheless, when you establish yourself, your salary would base according to the assignments you receive, ranging amidst INR 1, 20,000 to INR 3, 60,000 per assignment. This salary will gradually increase.

Photography Career

Nearly 3 out of 10 photographers choose to work part-time. Sometimes, hours are flexible so the photographers can fulfill the potential and present clients and visit the places where they will work. The popularity of these photographers possibly fluctuates with seasons. For instance, the popularity of wedding photographers usually increases in summer, spring and winter. The average salary of a photographer per hour is INR 674.

Nevertheless, in case you wish to be paparazzi, then the money has no limit. In fact, you can make a million dollars as paparazzi. But this is quite rare.

List of the Best Cameras for Beginners

If you are prepared to make development from your smartphone, then here are the top 6 cameras for beginners you can purchase right now in 2019.

Nikon B500

Nikon Coolpix B500 is a point-and-shoot camera that features 40x optical zoom, 16 Megapixels resolution. This camera comes with a carry case, 16GB SD card and an HDMI cable. This compact digital camera supports many languages for you. Although it’s not a DSLR, you can consider it as one of the best cameras for beginners.

Nikon Coolpix B500 Camera
Nikon Coolpix B500

Nikon D3500

You can consider Nikon D3500 as the best entry-level DSLR for the beginners. Its 24.2 Megapixel sensor offers amazing levels of details and it is easy to get to grips with. In case you are searching to get more innovative with your photography, and seeking your first DSLR also, the Nikon D3500 is the best option for you.

Nikon D3500 DX-Format DSLR
Nikon D3500

Fuji Film X-T10

Fuji Film X-T10 is a mirrorless camera with XC 16-50mm and XC 50-230mm lenses. This camera is amazing for the aspiring photo enthusiasts, photography students or weekend shooter. The X-T10 camera features an SR Auto Mode which helps you take amazing photos in every situation and reduces all the guesswork in comparison with many DSLRs. Its image quality is superb which makes it one of the best DSLRs for beginners.

Fujifilm X-T10 Black Mirrorless Digital Camera
Fujifilm X-T10

Canon EOS 4000D

No beginner wishes to purchase a costly camera. And Canon restricts all risks with this notably inexpensive DSLR and kit EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 III lens. It’s perfect for the entry-level photographers with the complete auto shooting mode and feature guide. Its Creative Auto Mode helps you progress from basic to creative zone modes. It’s a basic camera with some fundamental features but if you want to kickstart your photography career, it’s not a bad option for sure.

Canon Eos 4000D SLR Camera
Canon Eos 4000D

Sony Alpha ILCE5100L

Sony Alpha ILCE5100L is a great DSLR for beginners. It features BIONZ XTM for quicker image processing. It can record videos in full HD detail. Its fast hybrid AF system captures images with clarity. It can track fast-pacing subjects with 179 AF points. It comes with a one-touch remote, 6 fps continuous shooting with AF tracking. Its in-built pop-up flash is for extended exposures.

Sony Alpha ILCE5100L
Sony Alpha ILCE5100L

Pentax K-70

Pentax K-70 is a mid-range DSLR and great option to extend the boundaries of photography in rough weather. Its weather-resistant, dustproof body and amazing cold-proof performance allure photographers. It comes with a compact design with high accuracy auto focusing even at -3EV illumination level. Its high-performance AF framework can capture crisp, sharp images in an extensive range of photographic senses.

Pentax K-70 Digital SLR Body
Pentax K-70

The Final Words

It can be undoubtedly said that photography is a creative vision which you showcase to the world. This vision serves the requirement of all clients. Photography is one of the fields which offer the flexibility of working with magazines, eCommerce sites, corporations, and also independently as a freelancer. This highly technical field needs accuracy, a great eye for detail and lighting and much patience to carry on. In case you think you have such expertise and skills, photography career is surely the way to explore!

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