Reviewing Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K In A Nutshell

Amazon must have introduced the Fire TV Stick some years ago. This media streamer is more affordable and cooler than the Apple TV. The all-new streaming stick provides with 4K HDR video and exceptional power control on its remote. So, you can have the best 4K HDR streaming stick at the most reasonable price on the market.

amazon fire tv stick

However, the Amazon Fire TV Stick will not be for everybody. As always, it remains optimized for the Amazon Prime members and although its interface is quite interesting, it remains packed with promotional content and material. Presently, it’s a non-beginner for YouTube subscribers. However, in case these problems are not to be dealt with, you are going to get a bunch of things to prefer regarding this streaming stick.

Top Features of Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

More than 80% stronger than the superb media streamer Fire TV Stick, the Fire TV Stick 4K boasts some excellent features, such as faster load times, a quicker streaming experience, 1.7GHz processor, a new Quad Core, and amazing picture quality. Moreover, Fire TV Stick 4K offers you the availability of the huge content catalog presently available on Fire TV with the inclusion of HDR 10+ titles, Dolby Vision, and 4K Ultra HD.

fire tv stick 4k

Developers can reach many promising customers from across the globe with the help of the Fire TV Stick 4K. When a developer publishes an app on the Amazon App Store and targets the Fire TV device, his streaming media applications will be available also on the Fire TV Stick 4K.

  • An amazing 4K picture and deeply engaging sound

Fire TV Stick 4K is the first media streaming stick which is featuring Dolby Vision. Getting 4K content has not been so easy on the Fire TV device. Just command Alexa to find 4K TV shows for you. With a developing Dolby Atmos Content Catalog, your customers now can enjoy immersive 3D background sound while they connect the device to a compatible home audio system.

  • The all-new next-gen Alexa voice remote

Powered by the cloud-based service and pairing Bluetooth, the multidirectional infrared technology, the all-new next-gen Alexa voice remote enables you to switch on compatible AV and TV device, tune to your cable box’s channel, or switch inputs – everything is possible with just this remote. It also provides you with more control with dedicated mute, volume, and power buttons, alongside the capacity of using voice commands for controlling or discovering content.

  • Far-field voice recognition

Combine Fire TV Stick 4K with your preferred Echo device. Then Alexa will control all content hands-free with the use of its far-field voice recognition feature. You can start it easily. In case you just one Fire TV, the Echo device will combine as early as you command Alexa which incorporates Fire TV. For instance, you can command Alexa for showing you comedies on your Fire TV device. To add skills or capacities to Alexa, developers can use the Alexa Skills Kit. These skills allow customers to get trendy news, play music, get sports scores, and so forth.

Availability of Fire Stick 4K

Fire TV Stick 4K is available for order on Amazon and shipping is available in the USA, UK, Canada, India, Japan, and Germany. In fact, the next-gen Alexa voice remote is also available for order now. Every eligible consumer who buys a Fire TV streaming stick 4K will get Amazon’s premium music streaming service, Amazon Music Unlimited and access to by millions of playlists and songs and customized stations, paired with the superb voice controls enabled by Alexa.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) About Amazon Fire Stick 4K

1. Should I buy this and a Fire Stick or can this replace the old Fire Stick? Should I just attach it to the TV? How can I use voice control then?

Amazon Fire Stick 4K replaces the Fire Stick, so you don’t have to purchase both. The Fire Stick 4K features the next-gen Alexa voice control. According to the instructions, using voice control and its set-up process is easy.

2. Can I open YouTube or web browser?

You can side-load every Android app in your Fire TV Stick 4K. You can use any browser like Chrome for web browsing. In fact, you will find a YouTube app for the Fire TV Stick 4K in the App Store.

3. Can it be utilized as a Chromecast?

In case you are referring to Chromecast, you can use it similarly with the Screen Mirroring option in Settings. Amazon Video can’t be directly cast with Chromecast. Moreover, it enables apps for being installed on the Fire Stick.

4. Can I cast a mobile screen using Fire Stick 4K?

Just long press the Home button and you can see an option for Screen Mirroring.

5. Does it operate with no network?

No. it needs mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi network to work.

The Final Words

You can enjoy all your preferred things from CBS All Access, SHOWTIME, STARZ, YouTube, Hulu, Prime Video, Netflix, and so forth. The next-gen Alexa voice remote offers the most impressive voice experience of this streaming stick. You can command it anything and the function will be done accordingly. In fact, you can check the weather, stream music, dim the lights and check your live camera feeds also. All in all, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is an exceptional launch by Amazon to satisfy your live streaming needs.

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