How to Apply for a US Green Card Lottery

The Green card is a casual name for the distinguishing proof card issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to perpetual occupants, who are legitimately permitted to live and work in the U.S.

What is the American green card lottery program?

US Green Card specimen
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Candidates for US green card application are haphazardly picked in the Green Card Lottery. Chosen candidates and their close relatives will get decent variety settler visas, which will give them the legal permission to live and work for all time in the United States. However, you should apply quickly for the Green Card Lottery.

How to apply for a green card in the USA?

To be qualified to enter and eventually winning green card lottery, you should pursue the 16 stages mentioned underneath, and we will help you with the whole advancement. All means are imperative, which is even more reason you ought to dependably utilize an expert movement administration.

Stage 1. Applying for green card Online

The framework is anything but trying to utilize, and you can apply and pay the application charge in under five minutes.

Stage 2. Pick a Lottery Plan and pay the application expense

View the Application Plans and pick the arrangement that best suits you.

Stage 3. Transfer your photo(s)

Transfer your photo(s) and let the migration group help you in getting everything 100% right.

Stage 4. Photo(s) approved

The group will approve every photograph and affirm it just when it is 100% right. If any of your pictures should be rectified or accepted, they will illuminate you.

Stage 5. Application approved

The group will make the last assessment of your application and affirm it before it is submitted to the US Government.

USA green card application

Stage 6. The application is submitted to the US Government

They will present your application to the US. Government at the correct time and in the ideal spot.

Stage 7. The US Government gives affirmation number

When they get the accommodation affirmation number sent from the US Government, they will transfer the number in your record. Keep this number safely with you, as this is your confirmation that your application has been submitted effectively and formally approved.

Stage 8. Your application will currently be a piece of the lottery drawing

The process is 100% arbitrary and completed by the US Government.

The US Government will choose 100,000 people or more, and when they do, you will be informed specifically by them, so they can help you in documenting the Visa Application structure with the U.S. Department.

Stage 10. Visa application reports are submitted

They forward the visa application structures to you, and they will help you with rounding out the arrangements, as it is very muddled. It is critical to get everything right the first run through and before it is sent to the U.S. Office. Neglecting to round out the structures or send them accurately will prompt a visa talk with preclusion, and losing your opportunity to acquire one of the 50,000 different variety visas accessible.

Stage 11. Visa arrangement talk with letter got from the authorities

After the authorities have audited your finished application, you will get an email from them to tell you that a meeting has been booked at the U.S Embassy or Consulate in your nation of home.

Stage 12. Planning for the visa meet at the U.S. Office

It is vital that you are very much arranged before you go for the visa talk with, and know all the essential rules.

Stage 13. Visa meet at your neighborhood U.S. Department

Amid the visa meet, the Immigration officer will experience every one of your records and make inquiries.

Stage 14. Impermanent travel visa (foreigner visa) Issued to Enter the USA

After the fruitful visa meets, the Immigration officer will issue you a foreigner visa to enter the United States. It would help if you had a foreigner visa allowed to enter the U.S., and you should have your transitory confirmation of green card status stepped on your international ID at the main American air terminal in which you land.

Stage 15. Moving to the USA

On the off chance that you have chosen the new offers “Free Flights” or “Free Movement,” they will organize flight tickets as well as the shipment of your possessions from your nation of living arrangement to your new home in the USA.

Stage 16. Green Card Issued

Your genuine Green Card will touch base after American visa lottery via the post office three a month after you land, at the United States address that you gave.

Can husband and wife apply separately for DV lottery?

Both a couple can submit one entry each independently as long as every individual meets the qualification prerequisites and incorporate the other life partner in his/her entrance. If either life partner is chosen, the other life partner is qualified for subordinate status.

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