A Great Initiative by 4ocean to Clean Trash from Oceans


Ocean Plastic Recovery is a worldwide ocean cleanup operation arranged by 4Ocean. They have initiated this global movement because of the overproduction of single-use plastics which are creating pollution in many developing countries letting them experiencing a big crisis. Almost 90% of ocean plastic pollution is occurring on land and this pollution enters the ocean via river mouths as well. When plastic gathers on the ground, floods or rain wash it into the canals and rivers and as a result, it is finally carried to the ocean.

4ocean’s Initiative towards the Prevention of Plastic Pollution

4ocean has found the ideal solution to this plastic pollution. People need to develop an economy to stop plastic pollution by providing ocean plastic value. And for this reason, their expert engineers have designed the ocean plastic recovery technology that helps recover all accumulated plastic on a worldwide scale. They have taken this initiative to mitigate river mouths which work as the source of plastic pollution so they can help people get rid of this crisis condition.

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To prevent this ocean plastic pollution, their efficient engineers have come up with some extraordinary custom equipment pieces. Let’s have a brief look at them:

1. Barricade System

4ocean’s engineers have designed barricades which are anchored in high-effect river mouths to prevent plastic flowing into the ocean. This system helps collect plastic in the open ocean. The modular units of the barricades can be attached in sections of 100-200ft for creating every size obstruction at the river mouths. Also, the top half of the barricades float on the water so they can gather plastic at the surface while their attached mesh screen accumulates floating dirt in the water. These barricades can be anchored at the river mouth or towed through the water for staying stationary. Moreover, the marine creatures and animals can easily swim under the mesh skirt.

2. Ocean Plastic Recovery Vessel

They have arranged this offshore supply vessel to transport their tailored equipment to the highly affected areas and load up to 310000 lbs of reclaimed ocean plastic. This vessel can respond during an emergency like floods or storms and prevents plastics from entering the ocean. The OPR vessel is equipped with a barricade reel on the stern which holds almost 500ft of barricade material. In the middle of the ship, 2 tailored cranes are mounted to lifting huge amounts of plastic from the fishing boats. 4ocean has also launched Panga fishing boats for cleaning up plastics and move them from the vessel to their recycling facilities.

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3. Panga fishing boats

4ocean has launched these easily maneuverable and small fishing boats which are useful for the fishermen to gather and move reclaimed plastic to their OPR vessel. These tiny boats can be utilized both on the open sea and in shallow water. A 40 horsepower motor powers these boats. Their delicate and long structure makes them highly efficient and easy to operate. Moreover, these boats feature a smaller engine that increases their fuel efficiency.

4. Munson Landing Craft

The engineers of 4ocean also have come up with Munson Landing craft which supports the OPR vessel amid barricade arrangement and moves thousands of pounds of collected plastic to the recycling facilities. This customized landing craft features a small crane on its front lifts and arranges anchors for stationary barricade arrangement. It is equipped with 2 Mercury Outboard motors for powerful, trustworthy, and efficient movement.

5. Amphibious Excavator

This particular system recovers plastic from in and around river mouths where it’s impossible for people to reach. Its tailored claw accumulates plastic leaving natural dirt and debris behind. The Bobcat excavator is outfitted with amphibious tank tracks which help it flow completely on its own. This excavation system is helpful in marshy, soupy areas where it’s quite difficult to swim in or walk on. This is ideal to recover plastic embedded in and around the riverbank. It can remove huge amounts of plastic without leaving an impact on the natural ambiance.

Buy 4Ocean’s Bracelets to End This Plastic Pollution Crisis

If you purchase a 4Ocean bracelet, you can contribute a little in their initiative of removing trash from the oceans and coastlines. They have a range of bracelets that incorporate:

1. 4Ocean Signature Bracelet

This bracelet is certified by Green Circle and is made with ocean plastic recovered by our employees. This 100% waterproof bracelet represents 1 pound of garbage you have removed from the oceans and coastlines. Its beads are crafted with recycled glass and its cord is designed with recycled water bottles. Both male and female can wear this bracelet. It is adjustable from 2 to 5-inches in diameter.

2. Orca Bracelet

This bracelet is available through March 2019. If you purchase this bracelet, you will remove one pound of garbage from the ocean and coastlines while shielding orcas and their habitats from other threats and ocean plastic.

3. The 2-Pound Pack

This combo pack of bracelets doubles your effort. By purchasing it, you are contributing in removing 2 pounds of garbage from the ocean and coastlines and you will get this month’s new bracelet with this combo that features 4ocean’s Signature Blue Bracelet.

4. 4Ocean Legacy Bracelets

This is made for fighting the effect of ocean plastic. Each bracelet is colored uniquely and represents the ecosystem or an animal terrified by ocean plastic pollution. 4ocean has made these bracelets for raising awareness to safeguard and support animals and the ecosystem.

Join The 4ocean Movement!

Join the ocean plastic removal movement organized by 4ocean. You can buy any of their bracelets to contribute to this global movement and inspire other people to initiate the same. Let’s hope a better globe with this extraordinary movement!

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