Backlinks Guide – How to Create Backlink in 2023?

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Do you know Google ponders more than 200 ranking variables in the search algorithms?

…and technical SEO, content, keyword research, and link building are most important for SEO success?

Thereby, if you need a higher rank in Google, you must address as many ranking factors as possible with your content.

One of these most important ranking factors is backlinks. Your website can rank higher if you have appropriate and quality content, alongside enough great backlinks.

backlinks guide

So, what are backlinks?

Why are they so necessitous?

This is the subject of my today’s guide to backlinks and link-building strategies.

So you can understand how backlinks function and help your site reach the top of the SERPs.

A backlink is just a link from one site to another. Google or any other search engine uses this link as a ranking factor because when a site links to another, they consider the content unique and exclusive.

High-quality backlinks are useful to improve a website’s visibility in SERPs and increase its ranking position.

In case you are reading my blog to know how to create backlinks, I am sure you already know their importance.

However, in case you don’t know, let me just tell you that backlinks are votes given by other sites to your site that deliver a signal to search engines saying that your content is noteworthy.

If the website authority links to you more, the link’s strength also gets increased and helps you reach the top rank.

In short, when your website gets more votes, its online visibility gets improved more, which means higher rankings. And higher ranking brings more sales.

Here is a list of common terms associated with backlinks:

  • Dofollow Link – All links added by you to a blog post are Dofollow links by default and they pass link juice from your linked pages.
  • Nofollow Link – Nofollow links contain a rel=”nofollow” tag that instructs the search engine to nofollow that link. For example, when a site gets linked from another website and the link contains a nofollow tag, that link doesn’t leave link juice. These links won’t help your web pages get ranked. Generally, webmasters use this tag when they link out to an untrustworthy website.
  • Link Juice – When a website page links to the homepage of your site or to any of your blogs, it leaves link juice. This helps your blog get ranking and boosts the domain authority. By using no-follow tags a blogger can prevent passing link juice.
  • Quality Backlinks – These are links that come from reliable, authentic, and relevant industry websites. Such links boost your page ranking and make your link profile strong.
  • Low-Quality Links – These links come from automated websites, harvested websites, porn sites, or spam sites. These links can harm your site. Hence, you must be cautious while purchasing backlinks.
  • Anchor Text – Anchor text is known as hyperlinks text. These backlinks are very helpful when you wanted to rank for specific keywords.
  • Internal Links – These links go from one page to another within a similar domain. And this procedure is known as interlinking or internal linking.

Backlinks are beneficial beyond the search engine ranking. Although these links are known as one of the best methods of seeing fruitful results in the search engine browser, they have other benefits as well. Let’s read them below!

1. Rapid Indexing

By following backlinks from current website pages, search engine bots find new website pages. They crawl your website effectively only if they have found your site. Hence, if you have no backlink, it becomes harder for search engine bots to discover your website. When you are launching a new site, you must get backlinks for your site’s quicker discovery and indexing.

2. Referral Traffic

Backlinks help get referral traffic. When a person clicks on links in a post while reading it, he can discover more regarding the topic. Many people click on links deliberately and are generally more targeted and less apparent to quit your webpage quickly. Referral traffic generally has a low bounce rate.

3. Boosts Organic Ranking

Backlinks help rank better in SERPs. When you enter the term ‘backlinks’ into a keyword research tool, you can see that maximum high-ranking website pages have lots of backlinks. So, if your content is receiving links from other websites, it will start ranking higher in the SERPs naturally. You must be active and create them if it’s not getting links from other sites. Use a link-building tool for building links to separate pages or posts alongside those caused to your homepage.

Everyone has an individual skill level, but all want to promote their content, product, or services. As per the backlink audit, link-building strategies are generally implemented for improving ranking on search engines or driving site traffic.

Let’s begin with some high-end link-building strategies that take more effort, resources, and time. Some skills incorporate detailed keyword study, content creation, and PR.

You must consistently use them to promote your content actively for reviews, blog posts, articles, press releases, etc.

Have a look at them:

1. Make Linkable Asset: Build Evergreen Content

Want people to link to your site? Then, add something worth linking to your website. These are named linkable assets. These linkable assets can be anything, such as a quiz, software, videos, a survey, or a blog post – anything that can be linked to.

Your evergreen content will be a linkable asset in maximum cases. So, how will you build such content?

  • Many people look for solutions online and read content for this. You can solve the problem. Ensure to articulate the same issue and make them learn how they can solve it.
  • Build easy-to-read content. Write simple, small sentences. Add images, headings, formatting, and other multimedia to make it look less bulky.
  • Maintain a unique writing system. Now you can find a lot of write-ups online. You have to make your content stand out among them.
  • Create authority in the blog. People need to learn from others with control over that blog. And if you cannot, you can interview and quote professionals.

2. Do Guest Blogging

Guest posting is one of the most important link-building strategies where you write a blog for other websites, rather than your own.

How will it help you create backlinks?

In short, the blog owner can permit one or two links back to your website inside the post, in exchange for a free post.

Finding websites for guest posting is one big challenge. To maximize the possibilities of being accepted, you can hunt for websites that already accept guest blogs.

These websites basically have their page for contributors, namely the ‘Contribute’ or ‘Write for Us” page. You can utilize advanced search operators of Google to find these websites.

After you find a site, just follow the guidelines and submit a description. To start, enter any keyphrase or word in your niche. Check whether the site has already written about the topic before.

If yes, they have a complete interest in it. Maximum sites accept a guest blog if your topic is good enough. Note popular topics or themes on their site to pitch a good topic. Maximum sites display their best posts on their websites.

Lists of resource pages are useful content for your readers. If you build a detailed resource list, bloggers will find it easier to link to it in their posts rather than curating and reusing all that content.

This strategy involves giving somebody your high-quality content as a resource page for a specific niche. For instance, you have unique content with baking procedures.

You can suggest the source link to a site made for bakers and possibly they will place a link to your site.

4. Collaborate with Opinion Leaders, Take Interviews, and Host webinars

Interviews with renowned persons among your audience, testimonials, or reviews help you make your backlink portfolio and enhance brand awareness.

Collaborate with opinion leaders to promote your brand, take interviews, run AMA sessions, collect brand advocates, and get better quality reviews.

This link-building method helps your brand not just develop but also build a powerful connection with the clients.

Whether it’s feedback, testimonials, or reviews, ensure to provide only proven data collected from real people that showcase an important point fulfilling the requirements of your clients.

You must concentrate on the language, consistency, and worth brought by this message.

You can conduct free webinars and post their archived copies online. If your webinar is informative, all attendees will certainly share it. In the first place, you can team up with another brand, company, or influencer for the webinar.

It not just makes a strong presentation but also widens your audience, even after your webinar is completed.

5. Use Business Directories and Local Citations

Submission of blogs to business directories is another effective way to create backlinks in 2023 if you are running a business for a specific niche or offering local services.

Since finding a legal business directory is hard these days, this strategy is not very popular. However, you should refrain from those fake directories that ask for building backlinks to their site to get your site into their web directory.

Albeit you can just put no-follow links on these sites, this method impacts your search ranking positively because it provides you with promising clients who have already discovered you for a specific purpose.

In these business directories, you can include data about your organization, its address, contact info, and a link to your site. Some examples of popular business directories incorporate Apple Maps, Trip Advisor, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Google My Business, etc.

Also, don’t use any automatic direct submission strategy. It can make your blog look spam and cost you a lot in the case of your domain authority or even your blog can be completely removed from search engines.

You may have launched a new website, but your competitors may not. Hence, they may have a lot of backlinks or they have done link-building on their own to rank better. This can be beneficial for your site. Discover how they have gained those links and replicate them.

This is one of the most famous tactics of all because of its efficiency and simplicity. You can find your competitors’ backlink profiles in the Backlink Analytics group of reports and check it to have more backlinks. Based on your objects, its standard of working reveals 2 main points.

In case you want to boost rankings, this link-building technique helps you create a similar backlink profile to your main competitors. If you just want to maximize traffic, you can look inside and have some ideas on the sites that drive traffic.

When you find out where your competitors put their links, you can bookmark those sites on which you also require putting your link.

The web is advancing continuously. Hence, pages shift, transform, or get erased at any time. And broken links are links to those pages that no more exist. Since broken links contribute to a bad user experience, none prefers them. But still, they exist because of the busy schedule of webmasters.

However, broken link building is very easy. First, you need to discover broken links with the use of an SEO tool. Then, make something similar to the resource alongside the broken link.

Finally, alert the online publisher to their broken link and recommend fixing your link.

The most vital part of this tactic is discovering the right broken content for recreating and pitching. For doing this, use a tool that helps you in a backlink audit.

Enter the domain of a rival’s authoritative site into the SEO tool and go to the Best by links report and find these 404 links by filtering ‘HTTP 404 not found’.

8. Unlinked Mentions

Many sites could be there to mention you but not link to your content or site. With this strategy, you can stay in touch with the sources’ administrations linking to your site and ask them for adding a link to the mentions in their piece of content.

You can utilize a link-building tool to find the unlinked mentions of your brand fast. Choose the site you want to collaborate with and contact the site owners.

Use a brand monitoring tool if you want to know your brand’s entire mentions in the market. This real-time feed comprises all your brand mentions on social media, blog posts, and other platforms.

Move the mentions to the link-building tool in case you have discovered something interesting and interact with the authors.

9. Build Social Signals

After Google Penguin, this is the most secure way to create your backlinks in 2023. Google ranks your social media engagements and it processes these engagements as social signals for enhancing your ranking.

I recommend you share your content on Facebook, and Twitter to build social signals.

Ensure to write and share useful info and high-quality content pieces. Each content piece and link incorporating anchor text must offer extra value for your audience.

Apart from the aforesaid strategies, there are some easy and quick strategies to create backlinks. These tactics are useful for beginners if you want to drive traffic and for experts who want to stay on track. Let’s discuss them one by one!

1. Execute Blog and Forum Commenting

This strategy strictly focuses on blogs and forums, and on questioning platforms like Quora, and imageboards, alongside other tactics.

You just need to discover relevant blogs and forums with useful and appropriate content. Otherwise, Google may ponder this tactic spammy and decrease your ranking.

Google unexpectedly treats this controversial strategy and may reduce your site ranking. Reciprocal link building occurs when you link to somebody’s site while he/she links to yours.

Basically, it’s an agreement between the website owners who put mutual Do-Follow links, sometimes with keyword-rich anchor text. If you overuse this, Google may ponder it as ranking exploitation.

So, ensure to treat this tactic smartly. Keep your backlinks looking natural.

3. Create Evergreen Content and Infographic

By creating evergreen content and some research-based infographics, you can attract more backlinks.

Do your rivals have the top ranking in search engines for your target keywords? Then they may have a strong backlink profile. However, many people don’t know which links to chase.

You can make a list of competitors’ backlinks and top keywords and then you will have a good idea of where to put your link-building efforts.

Let me run you through some actionable ways to get your competitors’ backlinks list so you can replicate them!

  • Use a backlink research tool and enter your competitor’s URL in its search box and click on Start Now.
  • Now go to the Backlinks section where you will discover the ‘Referring Page Title’ or ‘Referring Page URL’ of each backlink pointing to the site. Export this list to .csv for consolidating results for all competitors easily.
  • After completing your .csv, sort the results.
  • Studying competitors helps you find new link opportunities.
  • Ponder all types of links, such as Text links, Form Links, Frame Links, and Image Links.

Given below are some of my favorite backlink research tools:

  • Ahrefs
  • Open Site Explorer
  • SEMrush
  • CognitiveSEO
  • Majestic

Several backlink-checking tools are there to help you analyze your site’s backlinks. Such tools include Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Search Console, etc. Among these, SEMrush is the fastest and best one.

Its Backlink Analytics section and Backlink Audit area handle especially backlinks. One of the best things about this tool is that it helps you email the site owner directly from the user screen.

In a nutshell, this tool helps you study keywords, see competitor backlinks, and handle yours in a convenient place.

Use the free version of Ahrefs backlink checker tools to check your backlink profile.

Natural backlinks are the best links to build. These links are created when other websites find your content useful and consider it helpful for other visitors.

So, valuable and unique content is the foundation to get natural backlinks. Here are a few more ways to get natural backlinks apart from creating valuable content:

  • Perform link outreach with a piece of ethical content.
  • Make your content purposeful and targeted.
  • Rank well for the target keyword and topic.
  • Collaborate with the influencers.
  • Look for Q & A websites for promising topics.
  • Diversify the topics of your content.
  • Spend effort on visual content.
  • Recognize the right channels for your audience.
  • Access several channels for content optimization.
  • Ask others to recommend your site directly.
  • Concentrate on long-term advantages.
  • Keep your close eye on all backlinks.

With a perfect plan on content building given above, producing natural links no more appears like an oxymoron, right?

Many website owners prefer outsourcing their link-building routines. In some cases, assigning your tasks to experts turn out to be more affordable and advantageous than managing them on your own.

When you have doubts regarding the ways of creating traffic-driven, valuable content and when you should avoid or apply the aforesaid strategies you must hire an SEO company.

Here are a few best practices to build backlinks to your website:

  • Create shareable, awesome content pieces.
  • Make a backlink from your own site.
  • Do guest posting.
  • Opt for online networking.
  • Get creative with your strategies.
  • Reach a wider audience with your collaborative creative endeavors.
  • Stick with your content niche.
  • Host webinars, conduct interviews.
  • Be active on social networking sites.
  • Write reviews and publish them on your website.
  • Edit Wiki articles.

Black Hat link-building strategies do not follow the search engine guidelines. It helps a website get a higher ranking in search results.

However, these are unethical backlink creation tactics that do not solve for searchers and sometimes result in getting a penalty from search engines.

Black Hat SEO techniques incorporate stuffing of keywords, using private link networks, and cloaking.

Here are 5 major Black Hat Link Building Strategies:

1. Automated Blog and Forum Comments

If you operate an online forum or blog, you certainly know what spam comments are. To create more links for paying customers, black hat link building agencies have produced software that automates the content and links posting into forums, blog comment systems, and every online portal that accepts content created by users.

This strategy can create frustration for site owners who require sorting through many spam comments seeking real user interactions.

Luckily, some website plugins can identify spam on famous platforms like WordPress and the advanced captcha technology can make sure that just real humans can post comments.

These websites are solely built for link building. Every site links out to the website they seek to rank higher on SERPs.

Among other factors, search engines rank sites by checking the number of links that target the website. By using link farms, Black Hat strategies ruin this to increase the number of backlinks a specific website has.

Sometimes link farms contain poor quality content and many links. These links basically have the keyword they need the website to rank for in the anchor text. Search engines can identify link farms, so you should avoid using them.

4. Creating Fake Online Profiles

This strategy is similar to the automated commenting tactic. Several link-building agencies that provide very low wage rates hire people for making fake profiles on sites that incorporate links to client websites. Sometimes this strategy targets entertainment websites and online communities, where profiles’ making is associated with the user experience.

Search engines completely ban paid links. Any link created to manipulate a website’s ranking in SERPs may be pondered a violation of Webmaster guidelines of Google and part of a link scheme.

This incorporates sending free products to a site in exchange for links. Google penalizes both sellers and buyers of links if the practice is identified.

If you are running your blog, I am sure you are creating backlinks for better SEO impact. Let me tell you that creating backlinks is similarly important to building high-quality content.

After all, backlinks are the reputation tools of Google. Don’t just believe my words. Put it into practice. After delving into this, I found many bloggers building backlinks for better visibility of their blogs.

So, how are they doing this? They are using the following tactics:

  • Sharing content on social platforms
  • Adding appropriate online communities
  • Syndicating content to other sites
  • Submitting guest posts
  • Commenting on other well-known blogs
  • Sending PRs regarding their blogs
  • Responding to all HARO queries
  • Making round-up blog posts
  • Reviewing products and informing the organization

Several other tactics are also there that bloggers follow to build backlinks. However, working through the aforesaid strategies helps bloggers create a handful of backlinks to their blog content.

If you are also planning to use link-building strategies for your blog, make sure to execute the above-mentioned ones.

While using link-building strategies, you should be creative and think extraordinarily.

Your target should be not to receive any kind of links that can make a distinction in your search engine rankings.

Here are a few foolproof strategies to create backlinks for the product pages of your eCommerce website that you can start using today:

  • Receive a link from the manufacturer’s website
  • Do guest posting
  • Begin an affiliate program
  • Build a landing page with evergreen content
  • Reach out to bloggers for reviewing your product
  • Depending on your product, get in the press release

Several other ways are there than I mentioned above for building links for your eCommerce store and some work awesome also.

So, set your goal and spend some time on link building every week.

Although I know backlinks are the backbone for acquiring higher rankings on search engines. Still, I won’t recommend you to buy backlinks. It is against Google guidelines. I would suggest you earn them by creating valuable content, infographic for your industry. This is a time-consuming and long-term process.

However, I know that it’s tough for every webmaster and it can be easier if you know the right tactics.

So, what will you do for gaining them? Visit the below-mentioned websites and receive the necessitous number of links for your niche blog or website if you want to buy backlinks.

1. LinksManagement

This is the best site to go for quality and paid backlinks at an affordable budget. You can purchase cost-effective backlinks from websites with PR 1 to websites with PR 8.

They offer monthly subscriptions and permanent static links from content on a low budget. All links are placed manually as your wish. You can read their customer reviews before placing your order.

Recommendation: If you signup with this special link and add $100 funds through PayPal, you will get a $50 bonus as a credit in your account.

This takes your search engine results to a new level as it offers PR 1+ backlinks to PR 5 to 7 backlinks. Apart from its high-profile PR backlinks, it also offers high-quality and high-authority backlinks. Moreover, it provides a few top-notch link-building strategies that are useful.

This website helps you get a lot of quality backlinks from reliable publishers and high-ranking website pages. No spam is involved in this and they don’t entertain any bidding as well. post links help you receive genuine backlinks with no search engine tricks.


On this popular website, you can utilize your PayPal account, debit card, or credit card for buying backlinks. Since this website’s ranking is high, it can boost your ranking also.

5. BacklinksRocket

This website helps you acquire the benefits of social platforms. It moreover boosts the number of your website visitors also. Apart from backlinks, this website supports SEO needs also.

Based on your needs, they offer different packages. BacklinksRocket comes up with a few good government links that can enhance your ranking.


I don’t prefer this website a lot as its marketplace does not have many certified webmasters. Anybody having a little knowledge can make a gig with a nice overview and resell the service from other websites also. Also, maximum gigs are not cost-effective. In case you have no other option, use it.

This website improves your search ranking with backlinks. It offers a 1-year assurance of replacing links, regardless of your order. Also, don’t worry about black hat strategies as this company makes sure to undertake only ethical SEO practices remembering the Google Algorithms.

8. LinkWheel.Pro

If you want to purchase EDU backlinks to enhance your blog’s ranking, use this website. Ensure to choose a package cautiously. If you see some keywords are shifting in Google SERP, start purchasing more links from LinkWheel.Pro and discover a good keyword ranking.

Key Takeaways

Alongside appropriateness and quality content, backlinks are one of the most required ranking factors for search engines like Google. Appropriate backlinks alert people to discover your content and inform them about your pages.

In case you get a backlink from a quality website, its authority’s strength is passed on to your website partially. So, you can link internally and then for passing link juice to other pages on your website.

Through continuous link-building efforts, your business can acquire a competitive benefit over other websites. I hope this guide helped you learn about link building.

Do you have any recommendations on link-building strategies?

Are you following anything else apart from the aforesaid tactics that I mentioned? Let me know your insights in the comment section below!

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