Top 5 Paid, Free AvatarBuilder Alternatives, Competitor 2024

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Want to use AvatarBuilder alternative software? There are so many options to choose from, it could be time-consuming work for you but don’t worry I did the heavy lifting for you. I have shortlisted only the 5 best Avatar Builder alternatives after checking 14 software features, prices, customer support, and other user reviews. On top of that, I have shared my own experience. So save some time and try any software from the below list (my top 5 choices) with confidence.

Overall the Best


CreateStudio is the best video animation software for all video creators.

Best for Beginners


Renderforest is an easy and impressive animation video maker for businesses.

Best for Professionals


Animaker is a powerful animation video maker that can use by any video creator.

Best for Pro Creators


Doodly allows making doodle animation videos easily that attract, engage, & convert.

Best Budget Option


Offeo is a short video maker for all social media platforms or any marketing purpose.

Willing to stay on this page to know more? Then allow me to ask you one question.

Have you ever used AvatarBuilder before? If not, let me tell you that this multipurpose 3D animation software can save you money, and time, and give you free traffic.

AvatarBuilder can attract new customers to your business by turning your boring videos into sales machines. It is the world’s first 3D avatar customization technology.

AvatarBuilder is the only video creation platform that allows for the next generation of animation editing, video creation, and artificial intelligence in a single dashboard.

avatarbuilder alternatives

This 3D animation video software was launched in January 2021. This company’s vision is to allow every content creator to create animation videos on a low budget.

Benefits of AvatarBuilder

  • No monthly or yearly subscription
  • No design skills are needed to create a unique 3D video and other videos.
  • Creates long videos and presentations within no minutes
  • You can replace the expensive spokesman with 3D Avatars
  • Automate video creation with artificial intelligence
  • No need for multiple video apps


Why should you try AvatarBuilder Alternatives?

AvatarBuilder is a fantastic platform in the 21st century; it still has drawbacks, just like any other software and platform.

In this blog, we discuss the best AvatarBuilder alternatives.

  • AvatarBuilder has unique features that need extra cost to access.
  • Unlimited video lengths: AvatarBuilder alternatives allow you to create longer videos.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface. Newbies and first-time users find these alternatives friendly.
  • You have to upgrade the AvatarBuilder Agency plan if you want to create videos of more than 6 minutes

Therefore, use the following guide to compare the AvatarBuilder competitors’ pros and cons to make an informed decision for your next video software.

How to Choose an AvatarBuilder Alternative

Do you need to select software that will work better than AvatarBuilder?

Here are the things to consider while choosing the right AvatarBuilder alternative software.

Minimum Learning Curve:  Choose a platform that has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Free Trial or Money Back Guarantee: Consider selecting a platform with a more extended trial period or money-back guarantee to weigh the software features before purchase.

Budget-Friendly platform: Choose software that will not require extra charges to provide additional features.

Customer Support: Choose a platform with 24/7 customer support to help you in case of any issues during your project.

Note: Not all the software discussed in this article will have all the abovementioned features. However, the software will contain most of the features.

Now I am going to reveal the best alternatives to AvatarBuilder in March 2024.

Ready! Let’s begin

Top 5 Free, Paid AvatarBuilder Alternatives

AvatarBuilder alternatives and competitors come in two categories, free software, and paid video creation software.

Free AvatarBuilder competitors do not require any purchase to start operating; Hower, the paid alternative comes with better support systems and regular updates and you have to pay for the software before using it.

3 Paid AvatarBuilder Alternatives in March 2024

First, I would like to suggest to you the paid AvatarBuilder alternatives, allowing you to create fantastic marketing videos and animation video content for your YouTube channel, client, or any purpose.

1. CreateStudio

CreateStudio is the best AvatarBuilder alternative and competitor; it is a desktop video creation software that quickly and flexibly creates animations.

The platform is the most improved animation maker globally.


Founded in 2020, CreateStudio provides several templates easy to customize to ease your video creation work.

The company’s vision is to bring the power of collaboration and co-creation to craft your animation video creation experience into reality. With CreateStudio, you can also access supreme, colorful, and amazing 3D characters.

Most Important CreateStudio Features and Their Benefits

CreateStudio is the ideal creative and video-making platform for content creators. The following are the six most important features and benefits that CreateStudio gives you.

  • One-click animation: With just a mouse click, you can animate videos, images, text, and shapes in CreateStudioPro.
  • Green screen editing: You can use the eye-dropper tool to remove the green screen and create a custom background to make your videos awesome.
  • Drag and Drop video builder: CreateStudio comes with loaded 2D and 3D stock footage. You simply drag your best choice and drop it on your timeline.
  • Built-in vector shape library: CreateStudio has several shapes that you can choose.
  • SVG import and animation: With CreateStudio, you can import and animate SVG files using motion presets
  • Smaller file size: CreateStudio allows you to export eight times smaller videos than the original creation. However, it maintains video quality.

Types of videos you can create on CreateStudio

CreateStudio helps you create rich video animations. With this platform, you can create; 2D & 3D Explainer videos, lower thirds, logo animations, YouTube videos, social media videos, sale and promo videos, and eCommerce ads; generally, you can create any kind of video.

Why choose CreateStudio over AvatarBuilder?

CreateStudio is flexible and easy to use. The platform uses a drag and drop technique hence suitable for newbies. CreateStudio offers an outstanding stock of templates and presets, saving a lot of time and allowing you to create both 2D and 3D animated videos. You can also export videos of any length in CreateStudio. Finally, CreateStudio has lifetime access and no other charges after purchase.

CreateStudio Pricing

CreateStudio Commercial Use License: You can get this amazing software’s commercial license at $67 (One-Time Purchase) as CreateStudio running a special discount offer. You will get lifetime access to the platform, with 50 templates and 30 Dyas money-back guarantees. You also get 24/7 customer support, with 3D characters and 2D characters.

If you want all characters, templates, and video-making resources made by the CreateStudio team, then you have to join the CreateStudio All Access Club.

This will cost you $27 per month or $147 per year.

With All Access Pass plan, you have full-time access to the software and all 3D and 2D characters. You get new characters every month. You can join All Access Club only after buying its $67 deal. To know more read the detailed CreateStudio review for better clarity.

2. Offeo

OFFEO is an attention-grabbing short (up to 3 minutes) promo video maker for online marketing including social media. The company is an ACRA-registered entity that has been in operation for over three years in Singapore.

The Offeo platform is a combination of graphic design and video creation tools, providing templates that are easily customizable to suit any online marketing campaign.

Offeo is best social media video tool

With OFFEO, you can become a professional animator by using the available templates. The platform’s user interface is easy to use; it employs a drag and drop system.

For marketers, Offeo is a great marketing video maker platform.

Most Important Offeo Features and Their Benefits

OFFEO offers excellent features. Here are the 6 Most Important Offeo features and their benefits:

  • Thousands of designs: The platform offers thousands of templates easily customizable to suit your business needs.
  • On brand designs: With Offeo, you get to create content tailored to your styles of structures in terms of color, text, and animation
  • Live chat plus email support: Offeo offers 24/7 customer support to its users. You can send inquiries through the live chat option provided and get an instant reply.
  • Suitable for any social media platform: Offeo is a social media video maker. You can customize video sizes and frames to fit any social media. You can create both vertical, horizontal, and landscape format videos with Offeo.
  • Full Creative control: The user’s interface is easy to use. You get control over the all-important tool to create amazing animations.
  • Background remover: With just a click of a mouse, you can remove the background of any image in Offeo.

Types of video you can create on Offeo

Offeo provides video tools for social media. With Offeo, you can create various types of videos, including; social media videos, training videos, sales, and marketing videos.

Marketers use the platform to create promotional ads and build product campaigns. Freelancers can create YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram videos using Offeo.

Why choose Offeo over AvatarBuilder?

Offeo is easy to use. One doesn’t need to have the skills to create a fantastic video. The user interface is friendly for newbies. It is easy to navigate, upload, and edit content on the fly.

The platform offers thousands of templates that are easily customizable to suit your business needs. The Offeo price plan is cheap and has 14 days money-back guarantee. The platform has more advanced video creation tools than the AvatarBuilder.

Offeo Pricing

Offeo has a single pricing plan.

Premium: This Plan provides everything you need to create professional-looking videos. The plan costs $12.42 per month, billed annually. Offeo offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

To know more read the detailed Offeo review for better clarity.

3. Doodly

Doodly is an animation creation platform. The software uses the drag and drops technique on the interface, making it easy for sketch creations. Jimmy Kim and Brad Callen created this platform to help regular individuals generate marketing videos for their businesses.

doodly in voomly cloud subscription

Doodly’s mission is to develop software that is easy to use in creating animations and real videos for marketing.

Doodly works to make regular people interested but has no video editing software skills to create amazing professional videos within no minute.

For beginners, it has thousands of libraries with stock footage to jump-start your video creation journey.

Most Important Doodly Features and Their Benefits

Doodly is popular because of its easy-to-use nature. Here are the 6 Most Important Doodly Features and their Benefits

  • Thousands of custom images: Doodly has a vast array of custom images developed by a team of professional graphic designers
  • Royalty-free music tracks: You can add music to your doodle video without leaving the Doodly platform. You going to get 250 royalty-free music if you sign up for the Doodly Enterprise plan.
  • Easy to use interface: Doodly has a very short learning curve. Everything you need for your projects is on the timeline.
  • Different Canvases: Doodly gives four canvases to make your sketches unique
  • Works Offline: Doodly works entirely offline. You download the software, install it, and start work.
  • Easy to share videos: The software allows you to choose the quality, resolution, frame rate, and destination.

Types of videos you can create on Doodly

With Doodly, you can create various videos, including; Cartoon videos, ads, instruction videos, book reviews, Text Animation videos, Advertisement videos, Social media videos, YouTube Intro, presentation videos, and many others.

Why choose Doodly over AvatarBuilder?

Doodly animation maker has immense importance over AvatarBuilder. Doodly is cheap and easy to use. It also has a massive library of stock footage compared.

Doodly is versatile; you can use the platform to create a wide variety of videos such as ads, instruction videos, and presentations.

Doodly also has various transitions to make your work impressive and create a more professional-looking video than AvatarBuilder.

Doodly Pricing

Please Note: Doodly is now a part of the Voomly Cloud. For the same price, Voomly Cloud gives you access to Voomly, Toonly, People Builder, Talkia, Pyks, and of course Doodly. Pay nothing for the first 14 days.

When you get Voomly Cloud, you going to get all your video creation and video marketing needs in one place.

Doodly Price Breakup: Doodly Standard vs Enterprise Plan

Doodly PriceMonthly $49 or $79Annual Billing
Get Doodly Standard
Version access with Voomly Cloud
$588 yearly$490 (16% Discount)
Get Doodly Enterprise
Version access with Voomly Pro
$948 yearly$790 (16% Discount)

To know more read the detailed Doodly review for better clarity.

2 Free AvatarBuilder Alternatives in March 2024

The below-mentioned video editing software is entirely free to use, but the videos will have watermarks. You must upgrade for a fee to remove the watermark.

4. Animaker

Animaker was first launched in 2014. The platform uses HTML5 to create animated videos. Animaker provides tools to create and animate videos online. It also uses the drag and drops technique in its user interface, making it easy for newbies and non-skilled users.


Animaker is the leading SaaS Product company in terms of growth. It is cloud-based software, which means it works entirely online. With Animaker features, you can create animated marketing videos that sell. It was the first animation-making platform globally.

Most Important Animaker Features and Their Benefits

Animaker is the ideal creative and video-making platform for content creators. The following are the six most important features and benefits that Animaker gives you.

  • Whiteboard animator with five unique board styles:  Animaker provides whiteboard animators to let your video stand out. It is a whiteboard video maker.
  • Screen Recorder:  Animaker lets you record your screen while working.
  • A deck feature: The deck lets you create all kinds of productions, from picture-based to typography-based presentations.
  • Instant Uploads: Animaker can instantly upload your videos on Facebook and YouTube or download the master video file.
  • Edits 4K videos: Animaker lets you edit and export 4K video quality. 4K videos look clear and realistic.
  • Auto lip-sync: Animaker automatically synchronizes voiceovers to your characters

Types of videos you can create on Animaker

Animaker provides hundreds of templates; users can create several types of videos such as 2D animations, whiteboard videos, infographic videos, handcraft videos, typography videos, and GIFs.

Why Choose Animaker over AvatarBuilder

Animaker gives you high-quality videos in 4k that are very impressive. The platform is cloud-based and therefore allows for more than one user at a time.

You can enjoy Animaker’s free plan for as long as you want.

Animaker Pricing

  • Free Plan: Videos come with the Animaker logo watermark, and assets are Limited assets. You export videos in SD Quality.
  • The Basic Plan: It Costs $10 monthly billed annually. You get five premium downloads, build five custom characters, and ten premium asset credits per month. You export your videos in full HD.
  • The Starter plan: It costs $19 monthly billed annually. You get ten premium downloads, build 15 custom characters, and 20 premium assets monthly.
  • The Pro plan: It costs $39 monthly billed annually. You get 20 premium downloads, 30 custom characters, and 45 premium assets monthly. You also create and download 2K video quality.
  • The Enterprise: The pricing for this plan is custom. You get unlimited downloads, build complete characters, and total assets monthly. You also get to create and download 4K video quality and upload up to 20GB of files.

To know more read the detailed Animaker review for better clarity.

5. Renderforest

Renderforest is a video creation platform that works entirely online. The platform allows small businesses to create video marketing content for their products. The founder Narek Safaryan created the podium with a mission to make successful branding affordable to all businesses.


Dues to its cloud-based nature, the platform works entirely online; you only need to create an account and login into your account to start your projects.

Renderforest provides the most advanced marketing tools to steer up your video creation experience and help you make animations and iconic logos for your business.

Most Important Renderforest Features and Their Benefits

Here are the 6 Most Important Renderforest Features and their Benefits

  • All in one branding platform: With Renderforest, you can create videos images, logos websites, graphics, and mock-ups in the same forum within no minute
  • Video templates for all-purpose: Renderforest has over 500 templates in various categories, from video intros and music to explainer animations and promotional videos.
  • Realistic product mock-ups:   You can upload your files and use the mock-ups to get a preview of your design.
  • Customizable website templates: Using the templates, you get to create a website that suits your brand’s needs.
  • Personalized logo for your brand: Renderforest has a stock of free logo design templates that you can edit to make your brand logo.
  • Easy to use interface: Everything that you need is already on the interface. The user interface is newbie-friendly and attractive. 

Types of video you can create on Renderforest

Renderforest is a promo video maker. You can decide to make explainer videos, YouTube Intros, and YouTube outro videos. You can also make Whiteboard animations and product presentations in Renderforest.

Renderforest also allows you to create Animated logos, product promotions, and many others.

Why choose Renderforest over AvatarBuilder?

Renderforest a cloud-based, and therefore you can work on your project from anywhere.  The platform also provides a wide range of tools in the graphic design industry, including web design templates and product mock-ups.

You can decide to use the free plan until you feel to upgrade. The platform is easy to use and newbie-friendly.

Renderforest Pricing

  • Free plan: This plan is open forever. You can only export videos of up to 3 minutes, with the highest quality being 360p. Your videos have a watermark. You have access to a limited number of music tracks. This plan only gives you 300MB of storage space.
  • Lite Plan:  This Plan costs $6.99 monthly. You get to enjoy 10GB of storage space and export up to 5 minutes of videos. The highest video quality is 720p. You get access to over 50 music tracks.
  • Amateur Plan: This Plan costs $8.49 monthly. You get 20GB of storage and export your videos in full HD. You can edit and export up to 15 minutes of videos.
  • Pro Plan: This plan costs $15.99 monthly. You get 40GB of storage and access to over 200 commercial music tracks. You can edit up to 30 minutes of HD videos.
  • Agency Plan: This Plan costs $37.49 monthly. You get up to 80GB of storage and unlimited access to commercial music tracks. You also get unlimited access to logos and graphics for your videos.

To know more read the detailed Renderforest review for better clarity.

Few Important FAQs

Why are short videos more effective?

Many people do not watch videos past 1 minute. Shorts videos help increase the number of people that get the whole message. They tend to communicate faster and capture the attention of the viewers.

What makes a video attractive?

An attractive video is direct and straightforward to the point. A stunning video uses graphics and animation and has music or voice-over.

Conclusion – Over to You

Well, by now, you must have realized that even though AvatarBuilder is an excellent software for 3D animation and content creation, there are some AvatarBuilder alternatives that you should try out.

Weigh the features, Pros, and Cons of each of the discussed AvatarBuilder Competitors to see any AvatarBuilder similar software you need to try out in your next video creation task.

In case, you feel confused about choosing the best AvatarBuilder alternatives to try out or you have other queries. Please feel free to contact me on Messenger, or WhatsApp.

I will be happy to help you.

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