Ahrefs vs SEMRush: Who is Best Alternatives SEO Tool

Welcome to my Ahrefs vs SEMRush comparison post.

Are you looking for the right tool that can help you with real data that lead you to boost your website or blog traffic? Then, you have landed yourself on the right page.

I am here to help you with not one but two of the best alternatives for your SEO tools. Yes, we take a look deep into the world of SEMrush and Ahrefs tools and help you select the best fit.

We will compare both the search engine optimization tools and make it easy for you to make your decision with confidence.

Let’s get started with Ahrefs vs SEMRush!

Ahrefs vs SEMRush

About Ahrefs

When it comes to Ahrefs, it is one of the highly acclaimed paid SEO tools that help in SEO and backlinks analysis. The respective tool will completely assess your website and check with the relatable SEO issues. It will keep you updated with the SEO health.

You will be able to get notifications for backlinks, new or lost ones and it will get easy for you to keep an eye on keywords rankings and web mentions.

About SEMRush

When it comes to SEMrush, it is a trusted SEO tool that will take complete care of all the SEO related functions. From keyword research to tracking keyword strategy used by competitors and performing an SEO audit of content creation, and more, everything will be covered.

This tool has literally become the go-to choice for internet marketers and is used by small and big businesses.

Ahrefs vs SEMRush: Features Comparison

Keyword RankingThe rank tracker attribute will help you enhance your SEO campaign. The dashboard is easy to understand and helps you with different sets of details.  With the assistance of the rank tracking attribute of SEMrush, you will be able to monitor the daily changes and progress for a keyword in rankings of your SEO campaign.           
Website ProgressYou will be able to compare the advancements of your website with that of your rivals.  With this website audit tool, you will be able to keep a track of the regular search engine changes and rankings. This features can demonstrate how your website’s health can be improved.
Mobile SERP RankingsThere is no separate tab for domain analytics of Mobile SERP rankings.You will be able to avail detailed SERP report for your mobile rankings and you can track.
Content MarketingYou can keep track of everything that you need to know about the keyword performance.  It has the ability to assess the SEO potential and uniqueness of the content real-time.
Overall PerformanceWith the help of this keywords research tool, you will be able to acknowledge the performance of the keywords over a week, month, and 90 days  You will be able check the search engine volatility across industries and Google algorithm update. It will also create a rankings progress report. 

Ahrefs vs SEMRush: Features

Here I will show you stand-out features of both SEO tools.

Stand-out Features Of SEMRush

  • Track different keyword metrics
  • Ranking
  • Advertising research
  • Detailed accurate advertisement data
  • AdSense
  • Detailed look at ad campaign data
  • Backlink checker
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research

Stand-out Features Of Ahrefs

  • Country-specific keyword rankings
  • SEO toolbar
  • Adjustable reporting frequency
  • Rival backlink notifications
  • Reports of Link opportunity
  • Rivals’ paid keywords
  • Position tracking
  • Outreach targets
  • Competitors’ organic traffic

Ahrefs vs SEMRush: Alternatives

In this section, lets have a look into some alternatives for both of these SEO tools.

Ahrefs Alternatives

SEMRush: When it comes to SEMRush, it is more or less similar to Ahrefs in terms of features, quality, and pricing. It highly recommended paid Ahrefs alternatives in the SEO industry.

SERanking: If you have a restricted budget in mind, you can always go for SERanking as paid Ahrefs alternatives. But, when compared to Ahrefs, it is quite limited.

Ubersuggest: It’s one of the free Ahrefs alternatives but high-quality SEO tool but when compared to Ahrefs it is not as feature-rich as expected.

Google’s Search Console: It’s a must-have SEO Tool offer by Google. If you are looking for a free alternative for Ahrefs, you can always fall for Google’s Search Console, but, it will not give the solid attributes as in Ahrefs.

SEMRush Alternatives

Mangools: I will recommend you Mongools as the first paid SEMRush alternatives. You can surely find limited features of SEMRush in the name of Mangools. Get your website boosted with it for better SEO results.

Moz Pro: The second paid SEMRush alternatives can be Moz Pro. It brings you a wide range of attributes to help you with SEO analysis and gives you an excellent experience but a price to pay.

Google Analytics (free SEMRush alternatives): Get the best of SEO analysis with Google Analytics when you have a restricted budget. It is one of the free SEMRush alternatives to help you crawl along.

Screaming Frog: You may hear about Screaming Frog and this is a freemium SEMRush alternative. If you are looking for a free backlink audit tool suggestion, you can certainly fill your shoes with Screaming Frog with limited features.

Ahrefs vs SEMRush: Pros And Cons

Ahrefs an SEMRush tools has some pros (advantages) and cons (disadvantages), let have a look…

Pros (advantages) and Cons (disadvantages) of Ahrefs

Ahrefs Pros (advantages):

  • Get the perfect keyword to rank in Google with ease.
  • Keep a track of research competitor’s links and new links.
  • Get Google Features, which includes Featured Snippets, Knowledge Panels.
  • It has site-specific and internet-wide crawling capability.
  • Can monitor and compare any domain.

Ahrefs Cons (disadvantages):

  • Stats are not that perfect.
  • Internal link opportunities
  • More filters are needed to refer domain’s reports accurately.

Pros (advantages) and Cons (disadvantages) of SEMRush Tools

SEMRush Pros (advantages):

  • High uptime
  • Get relevant data individuals and agencies for improved digital marketing strategy
  • Software gets updated regularly
  • Efficient website analysis
  • It has a strong brand monitoring feature.
  • Largest keyword database.

SEMRush Cons (disadvantages):

  • The data varies across similar tools

What Features Takes SEMRush Ahead In The Race?

There are highlighting features that takes SEMRush a step ahead in the race, take a look:

Accurate Search Volume Data

To build your SEO and PPC campaign, it is important to get a keyword search volume. But, with erroneous data, you might end up wasting your time, money, and efforts. But, this hurdle is being crossed by SEMRush.  It constantly updates the keyword database and provides the most relevant and accurate search volume data.

Huge database for Google keywords

Another major attribute you would love to have is getting more keywords to play with and enrich your PPC and SEO campaigns. Thankfully SEMrush keyword Magic tool does that for you. In fact, now it is considered to be the largest database for keywords in the market.

Accurate tracking of position on the market

With the assistance of SEMrush users can easily get all the updates about rankings and traffic daily. This doesn’t need any extra charges as well. The basic tracking attribute will allow you to check the positioning and design the strategy accordingly. So, a perfect tool for an SEO specialist. Not only this, but the position tracking tool will also help you with the local level volume data, no matter which package you are in.

SEO reporting

You just want that all your data is properly organized and is easy to understand. With the help of SEMrush, you get a facility to create reports that will make it easy for you to represent to your clients or boss. Things will be visually appealing and you can have it as per your custom needs with the use of labels and proper integration of GA, GSC, and GMB.

Toxic links monitoring and penalty recovery

Taking the assistance of SEMrush, you will be able to make a detailed analysis of the toxic score, toxic backlinks, and toxic markers, Not only this, but you will also get the option to outreach.

Content Marketing Platform

The best and most amazing part of SEMrush is that it helps you with content creation tools, content optimization, and also has a lot of unique attributes that will help you get your content get excellent reviews and reach. The attributes you will be benefited with On Page SEO Checker, SEO Writing Assistant, Content Audit, SEO Content Template, Brand Monitoring, and Post Tracking.

Ahrefs vs SEMRush: Who is the Winner?

Hopefully, now you are clear about the attributes of Ahrefs and SEMRush software is carrying and which one fits your needs perfectly. SEMrush is certainly a winner here because of the features and user-friendly display that makes it convenient for every marketer.

When it comes to Ahrefs, it does hold a runner-up position but with pride of being there with the best.

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Ahrefs vs SEMRush – Who is Best Alternatives SEO Tool

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